Friday, August 10, 2007

Astrology Forecast for August 2007

By Janet Moon

Last month the planets were relatively quiet, and we didn't have any negative aspects the first half of the month.

Well, August is going to make-up for July's passivity. We are going to be feeling some kind of major planetary influence just about every day this month. And, there will be a Lunar Eclipse on the August Full Moon on the 28th. Get ready for some changes.

We should be feeling very confident and optimistic as the month begins with the Sun dancing with Jupiter. There could also be some financial rewards, so any kind of investing or gambling decisions should come out favorable.

Mars and Mercury will begin holding hands on Thursday, August 3, and then on Friday the Moon moves to create a grand trine with Jupiter and the Sun. On Saturday, the Moon moves to create a grand trine with Saturn and Pluto. Its going to be a fabulous weekend. We will be ready to slow down and enjoy life, and social events will go well. We will be feeling very optimistic and patient, and our willpower and stamina will be strong.

There may be a few travel problems on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, August 5 - 7, with Jupiter at direct station. Those of us with dominate Sagittarius in our charts may find these few days especially difficult, but afterward our lives will begin to show new progress. We may also find ourselves trying to rescue a lover or rescue our bank accounts on Tuesday through Thursday, August 7 - 9, as Venus and Mars come to a square as they cross the cusps into new signs.

There could be conflicts with friends, and some of us may overindulge in our addictions the weekend of August 11 as Mercury conjuncts and Neptune opposes the New Moon. There could be some major misunderstandings, and our egos will be fragile. There is also a potential for emotional abuse as Venus conjuncts Saturn. And, we may decide this is the last time, because Pluto will be trine to Venus and Saturn. Pluto may motivate us to let go of some of the garbage in our lives.

Things will turn around on Tuesday, August 14, and continue through Tuesday, August 21. We should find our attitudes improving as Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and Saturn all move to a conjunction in Leo with Pluto still signing in harmony. We may feel a new discipline and patience within ourselves. We may also engage in some powerful conversations (or possibly seminars) that change our lives. It will also be a very potent time to connect with lost lovers, with Venus in retrograde.

Tuesday through Thursday, August 21 - 23, may bring extravagance to the forefront with Mars and Jupiter at an opposition. And Wednesday through Saturday, August 22 - 25, Venus and Neptune also move to an opposition making us impractical and vulnerable to deception. Also, Mercury is going to square Mars and Jupiter on Friday and Saturday, August 24 and 25. This will make it difficult to communicate with others, and some of us will be jumping to conclusions. Postpone any life changing decisions (or incurring any major debts) until after Saturday, August 25, and try like hell to avoid arguments.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Pisces is on Tuesday morning, August 28, but we will probably start feeling the effects as early as Sunday. Mercury and Uranus will also be at an opposition on the same day. We may be feeling rather irritated to say the least, and some of us will be looking to our addictions for a crutch. If you can get past the irritation and maintain your sobriety, this could be an extremely spiritual Full Moon. This would be an excellent time to "Let go, and Let God." Our connections with our higher power on this day could be tremendous.

We may find ourselves feeling renewed and revitalized as the month ends under the Aries Moon, but Labor Day weekend could bring many challenges. There will be a strong potential for accidents and arguments on this American holiday, and we could encounter some financial and personal problems with the Sun angry with Jupiter, Mars fighting with Uranus, and Mercury jealous of Pluto. Keep expectations low this holiday weekend, and use extra caution driving.

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