Sunday, July 29, 2007

Venus Retrograde July 27 - Sept. 8, 2007

By Sharita Star

On July 27th, our placid and harmonious planet Venus enters retrograde motion at 02 degrees Virgo and returns to direct motion at 16 degrees Leo upon September 8th.

If you haven’t scheduled some downtime this summer, now is the perfect moment to truly relax into the Summer of ’07, as Venus enters a 42-day retrograde period. No need to fear, as there couldn’t be a more perfect time of the year for Venus to ask us to take time to reassess in the area of life she affects.

Venus is one of the Zodiac’s benefic planets, one whose influence grants gentleness, ease, and provides strength wherever her graceful energy is directed. The prevalent qualities of Venus during any given retrograde period results in her typical benevolence to be impaired and diluted. Venus affects the collective’s values, earning power, money, romance, and our ability to tap into the feminine.

As Venus now retraces her recent steps until September 8th, the collective can expect the natural benefits of this transit, while in Leo, to be a slight thwarted. Being aware of stinginess, insincerity, unsympathetic actions, and egotistical reactions over these next few weeks is highly advised. Dealings in romance and the financial areas of life are ones that should be carefully monitored. This is especially a wise time to hold off any major decisions for the long term until after September 8th.

So it’s time to apply the RE’s of any Retrograde period such as RElax, REflect, REdo, REassess; you get the picture. Just like we are advised to do when our other benefic inner planet Mercury is in Retrograde, this period points to the reworking of the affects Venus casts upon us. Yes, that means the Universe is providing us with a recess to do some of that necessary inner work that keeps us going at optimal energy when Venus is direct.

The Leo-ruled house in the individual birth chart points on a personal level to where a reflective approach is best applied during this retrograde time. The Leo-governed area of life is where Venus asks for pause and being alert to carelessness. The more REassessment that is done in Leo's house on the natal chart, once Venus goes Direct again, will ensure optimal flow and compassionate blessings to flourish handsomely after September 8th.

As we conclude with the uncanny messages that the mysteries of Lexigrams are here to provide for us, we also learn that VENUS RETROGRADE is no exception to the rule:

Venus Retrograde

Go To Sure Adventures To Restore

Got To Redo A Treasure

Got To Use A Stronger Urge To Reverse

Go To A Retard And Restore To Reroute

Great Trader Endeavors Are Vague

Traders Go To Renovate Saved Revenues

Trades Are Tense To Do Over A Venus Retro Era

Revenues Are To Undergo A Reverse And Returns

Revenues Near Greed See Surgent Overturns

Go To A Sound Generous Urge

Go On…go To Nature As One’s Sure To Restore

Go To A Grandest Green Ground, A Garden

Sure Go Read….And Reread

Go Tend To An Overdue Regard

Got To Surrender To Reenter And Reground

Go To No Regrets, And Send Out Grand Regards

Tongues Need To Resonate A True Reason

No Grunts No Groans, Do Not Go To Dangerous Adventures

Go On An Art Adventure

Go To Generate And Greet Grand Gestures

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: She resides in New York City and currently is working on her first book.


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