Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Sun in Leo 2007

By Sharita Star

We now fix ourselves into summer as the Sun transits into the Zodiac's second fire sign, Leo. Here we see the element of fire in a fixed and organized state, allowing these natives to innately possess this ability.

The Sun rules Leo in the center of it all, and the animal symbol is the mighty lion. They are no strangers to gravitating to roles in life where they reign, just like the king of the forest. Leos are one of the non-Cardinal signs that due to their natural talent to manage also excel in leadership positions.

Loyalty and dignity are two of the typical Leo’s most admirable qualities that will grant them success in the tasks they undertake. Their energy yearns to create as self-expression marks their every move. Our lions more often than not find themselves right at the heart of any situation and thoroughly enjoy being upon the stage in life. Their character supremely inspires and radiates faith. Like the comfort of the fire in a fireplace, Leos emit warmth and attract people to them. Extremely hospitable, they enjoy sharing in the pleasures that life has to offer.

On the opposite side of their polarity, Leos can operate from the ego, being demanding, overly dramatic, indolent, and exuberant. Like a lion, they tend to be territorial and are protective of their immediate environment. To express themselves fully they must learn to cultivate humility, thriftiness, benevolence, and be able to give attention to detail rather than to just focus on the big picture alone.

Leo energy affects each and every one of us. Look to the Leo ruled house to see what particular area of the life you have an extra boost of energy passing through this month. This area is also subject to expressive communications as Mercury enters Leo upon August 4. As Venus Retrogrades and re-enters Leo upon August 7, a reworking of value assessments also occurs until September 8th when it will go Direct at 16 degrees Leo. Saturn will also conclude its’ transit in Leo over August, entering Virgo upon September 2. This period is essential for the Leo ruled area of the life to return to self-reliance and move forward with optimal results.

Jupiter goes Direct in Sagittarius on August 6, bringing a forward motion of optimism and expansion back to the collective’s enthusiasm for speculation and social contacts. While in Retrograde since April 5, these energies had the potential to see their fair share of upset. The Sagittarian ruled house in your birth chart will also feel a sense of ease in that particular area of life.

Mars moves forward into mutable Gemini on August 7 to grant some intellectual stimulation to the collective’s drives. After acquiring the stolid and practical lessons of patience during its’ transit through Taurus, expect spontaneity and inspiration to abound. The collective should steer clear of excitability and indecisive reactions. Look to the Gemini ruled house to see where Mars can pack an extra punch for you until September 28.

May you take the lions’ lead and continue to indulge in the lazy days of summer whilst not forgetting to be self-expressive and above all, follow your heart.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: She resides in New York City and currently is working on her first book.