Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Solstice 2007

Unique Circumstances With New Beginnings
and Good Meetings Coming Quickly

By Robert Wilkinson
Website: Aquarius Papers

The Summer Solstice falls on June 21 at 11:07 am PDT. It's the longest day of the year, and said to be the point at which "free will" acts more powerfully than any other time. It is a point of decision, and kicks off Summer, the season of work, play, productivity, and lots of sunshine for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you're "down under," remember to have a little compassion for us up here in the north when December 21, the Winter Solstice, rolls around and we're freezing while you're enjoying the beach! What follows are some hints as to what we all can expect to experience over the next 3 months, regardless of where we live.

The charts for the Summer and Winter Solstices provide guideposts for what will follow in the 90 days afterwards, just as charts for the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox each show what will follow in the season that follows those points in time. This Summer Solstice chart shows a major Grand Fire Trine, which should enliven things and be a brightening influence over the next 13 weeks. Add to this that Mars in the Solstice chart is one of 4 points of a Great Quintile, which activates a larger 5 pointed star pattern in all our charts.

The 4 points all in quintile or biquintile to each other are Moon at 22 Virgo, Mercury retrograde at 11 Cancer, Mars at 28 Aries, and Chiron at 16 Aquarius. This Moon is quintile Mercury and biquintile Mars and Chiron, Mercury is quintile Mars and biquintile Chiron, and Mars is quintile Chiron. These should provide some amazing quick and unique forms of healing, or opportunities for our Higher Self to come forth.

This will profoundly affect and specialize through unique gifts, talents, and circumstances these degree areas of our charts, as well as the areas ruled by the Moon, Mercury, and Mars, thus affecting half our reality. And don't forget the void 5th point that falls at 4 Sagittarius. I believe this could be one of the truly unique periods in history, with gifts galore for anyone tuned to the Grand Fire Trine or the multiple quintiles and biquintiles.

The Moon and Mercury being in mutual reception and quintile shows as a highly specialized unique and gifted focus, since these "rule" everything in the chart as final dispositors of all the other planets except Mars in Aries. Here the Moon in wide square to Pluto is actually favorable, as the Moon releases the power built in the Grand Fire Trine and Pluto releases the power of the Great Quintile. The seeds of unique things will sprout this Summer, and our works and adjustments will show us our inspiration.

The Moon binovile Jupiter and Uranus binovile Pluto offers us all major realizations if we can see how seemingly contradictory spiritual realizations share a common base. The Moon challenges us to rise to unusual or unexpected opportunities, not procrastinate or let vain imaginings distract or worry us, and be decisive in responding to demands on our unique talents. As Moon is in Virgo, be alert and efficient, and as much as possible, find humor to keep your experience simple, direct, and immediate.

The Sun biseptile Uranus will bring forth erratic behavior in many, as well as genius. Venus trine Jupiter should give us all fortunate relations, and with Saturn at 22 Leo, expect your duties and responsibilities to lead you to the message you're here to deliver to your world. Everyone will find themselves "back home" after an adventure in exploration, whether past or present.

The Moon is at 22 Virgo, the Royal Coat of Arms, which will bring many to a form of practical discipleship in their life where they will be upholding venerable standards for others to emulate or learn from. The key question for many will be "Are you ready, willing, and able to assume a 'royal" office, at whatever level it operates?" What values and standards are you willing to embody? This degree is about understanding our "predecessors," and whose footsteps we are following on a path to timeless truth we demonstrate to others.

Jupiter promises that many will be "stirred to a rebirth of love," or a new identity will be revealed showing future possibilities and wider perspectives. Others may confront the karmas of unfinished business, and some may even go through forms of "retribution" from ghosts of the past.

For those under the influence of Mercury, the Summer offers the challenge of finding the humor or irony in situations helping them to decondition their assumptions and ego defenses, or those of others. This is about using humor to find objectivity, or escape from rigid or uptight energies. Venus is on a degree of "putting on the show," so plan your demonstrations carefully and plan the release of energies, even if sometimes the show gets spectacular!

© Copyright 2007 Robert Wilkinson