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NASA Karma

By Dr. Louis Turi -

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June 16, 2007

Hello Readers:

First let me take this opportunity to thanks the thousands of you for your incredible support following my last appearance on Coast To Coast.
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Just reminding you that we are in a “SUPERNOVA WINDOW” and I strongly suggest every one of you to understand and Use the “Universal Code” to avoid penalty. As always the NASA “mental snobs” are responsible for wasting both precious astronauts lives and precious tax dollars when they could easily try my methodology and be very happily surprised with all future missions.

Unless you build Cosmic Consciousness you WILL have to pay the penalty, God’s Universal tool were cast aside and replaced by ridiculous religious doctrines fuelling ignorance and fears for centuries and the results are a very disturbed and chaotic world. Mankind is at the threshold of recognizing his Celestial Divinity and raises its awareness and vibrations to the Universal Code. We are fast living the Age of Pisces (ignorance/fears/religions/deception) and moving into the Age of Aquarius (UFO/technology/Universal Laws/Freedom of the spirit) and the upcoming year 2012 marks this “passage”. Do not endorse, support anything or anyone promoting religious dogmatic teachings or apocalyptic views.

They are tons of wanna be out there making the Sun’s ray or religions responsible for the incredible changes we are experiencing. NO, God is not mad at us and NO we are not doomed. As human we were “made at the image of God” and we ALL have the power to CREATE, to control, to direct and change our destiny. Join me in the battle of ignorance, fears and endorse humankind genius, love and respect for all, a brilliant future and Mother Earth just because “The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of our thoughts as a whole”.

I am on my way to Cancun as of June 18th and I will not be able to stay long. I have been asked to tape a TV show for the Discovery Channel in San Antonio Texas on June 22nd and this was the only day available for me. So to those of you who will be there remember “The Supernova” window forcing change of plans for all of us. Also my famous actor friend Gary Busey was also trapped in a movie production in Canada and will not be able to attend.

Blame it all on the stars. Check it again please at

See how much NASA is in trouble just because they chose to ignore the “Universal Code”.

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From: Tareia

Thank you for keeping many of us informed and focused. It's so easy to get distracted. I just received an update from ABC news not too long ago that said the following:


They should have never gone up there when they did. I am not as informed in lunar nodes as you are or as much as I'm aware that mercury retrograde begins today until July - very bad time for them to do this. This space shuttle should have a) never gone up there or b) already be home by now. I am always looking forward to your passionate forecasts.


Memo of my quatrain


+)Cosmos News/Nuke/Weird news /Surprises/Explosions/Shocking news/Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Tornadoes/NASA/Aeronautics/UFO

Surprise Explosion Evil Chant
Mother Nature Spit and Cry
Universe Speak Science Wonder
Shock Wave To All

Quatrain Written by Dr. Turi 5/31/07


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From: CT//
Subject: Your Book

Hello Dr. Turi,

I just wanted to write to tell you, I have received Beyond the Secret and I must say the Book is Great it is the kind you cannot put down. I will enjoy the Energy and High Consciousness that you have passed on in this book, I want to Thank You for writing such a Great Book. I am sure that this book will be a Must Read for Many People, for all Times. Sincerely, Peace and Joy to you


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From: "Patti

Wonderful show last night. It was especially so, because you were on as a guest. More of that is needed. Congrats on your book. A beautiful cover you have there. Take care. Enjoy your trips to family and such.

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From: Heather

Dear Dr Turi,

Good luck with being picked as a hero I have certainly done a good write up for you and submitted it I am praying this will be done by many who have taken advantage of your free newsletters, website, as well as students who have taken courses with you. You do deserve acknowledgement and I encourage you to use the rest of the secret in order for this to manifest for you.



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From: Lucien

Thank you Dr. Turi for your kindness, unending services to everyone and yes the children are our true gifts that you will help to protect and teach – I cannot tell you how I love to hear you on Coast to Coast over the years and now your emails are a gift - I am grateful that you are a vital part of my psyche and wish you only the best - of all the healers and caring people I think that you truly are from the heart chakra to give love and much needed direction - thank you so much for all you do.

I wish you the best.


I am taking names for my 5 days future Astropsychology crash course on the Tarot Nostradamus Cabalistic Natural Healings and The Secret. There is NO previous astrology knowledge needed and no maths involved and if you are a student who already took the course by mail this course if FREE for you so you can shape up your wisdom and meet other Star students. Again this course is FREE IF YOU ALREADY TOOK THE COURSE BY MAIL.

I am always learning more and all previous students are always welcome to improve their wisdom wherever I will teach. Call 602-265-7667 or email your name and telephone number at


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Dear Readers:

Here is your chance to endorse my work and help me to reach the media, NASA, Paris Hilton but most of all the children of the future with my dedicated predictive healing work. For years all I did is trying to raise the mass' Cosmic Consciousness and unselfishly offer solid guidance to all of you. If you really think I have (or someone special you know) has something real to offer the world it's now your chance to show support and all is in your hands. My mission is to build Astropsychology schools and help the children of tomorrow to realize, respect and use "The Universal Code". Once in the website, select a category that you think would fit me best; such as Defending the Planet - Fighting for Justice - Community Crusader - Medical Marvel - Championing Children and write a few words of endorsement, talk about my new book "Beyond The Secret" my newsletters, my predictions, my aims for children etc. and insert my website please.

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi