Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nasa Curse

By Dr. Louis Turi

Once more in the name of ignorance and ridicule, NASA’ scientists ignored the warnings of the Universal Code rules and got ready to launch shuttle Atlantis.

Since the beginning of the year, NASA has endured an astronaut's arrest in a bizarre love triangle, a workplace murder-suicide and a freak hail storm at the launch pad. What it hasn't had is a space shuttle launch.

NASA hoped to change all that with the blastoff of Atlantis at 7:38 p.m. ET last Friday. It is obvious that NASA is absolutely NOT AWARE of the upcoming Dragon’s Tail (nefarious) in the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, “The God of the sky” that regiments all affairs involving space travel and technology.

Be ready for a full restructure of NASA where they will be forced (like Paris Hilton and many others famous heads) to learn and respect the Universal Laws.

NASA’s scientific educated mental snobs are also totally oblivious of the “Law of Omens” with the freak hail storm at the launch pad and the upcoming nasty results of what they perceived as a “slight concern” about an exposed area in the shuttle's delicate heat-protection system when engineers examined photos taken by the shuttle's crew after launch. The photo showed a small exposed area in thermal blankets on the left side of the shuttle near the thrusters Atlantis uses to move about in orbit, said NASA spokesman Louis Parker.

NASA’s last shuttle mission forced the astronauts to literally abort everything they had planned to do and FIX the space vehicle for a safe re-entry to the earth atmosphere. Guess what??? it’s happening again and they are FREAKING OUT because unless it is done properly all astronauts are doomed. Of course don’t expect NASA executives to tell you the facts about this preventable mishap.

Well, Mister Parker regardless of your position with NASA, your education and your academic accomplishments ,like 99% of the political and religious leaders running this world (and our children’s lives in Iraq), you DO NOT possess Cosmic Consciousness. You not only waste tax resources but also precious lives as well.

Like Paris Hilton you are reluctant to learn from your mistakes of the past and the Universal Rules regimented by the almighty will bring another serious penalty to you all. It is time, after so many of my requests, for them to listen and save courageous astronauts’ lives and for them to do something about the wrong timings in the launch of the shuttles.

My newsletters are read world wide nowadays and some concerned NASA students have read my heeding for years. I am asking anyone of you to help me to contact the responsible of all past and future tragedies and beg them to HONOR the word science by investigating my solid predictive work involving so many failed missions. Read more on what a Supernova window is all about and be aware because the Universal Code is impartial and unforgiven.

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