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The Galactic Times - Solar Activity Disruptions - June 4, 2007

By Philip Sedgwick

Solar Streaming ~ 04 June 2007

Stracky is the word. It’s one of those times when mind and body fail to synchronize. The body drops over the event horizon of fatigue but the mind can’t stop; or the mind crashes like a 20th century computer while the body vibrates, aching to go. It’s typical of solar activity. Typically solar activity follows planetary travels, particularly keen on the movement of Mars. We’re now 24 hours within Mars making its closest contact to the Sun, one of the most statistically significant potent triggers for solar activity.

A few GT’s ago I noted this upcoming event and found myself wondering how prolific the transit would be so. So far, very strong. It began on June first with a powerful outburst that disrupted cell phone communications and caused short wave radio transmission chaos.

Now sunspot 960 promises more havoc. While human dependency upon cell phones might mark this transit as important enough, I’m inclined to return to the last week in baseball for other manifestations of note. A great player for the Yankees yelled at a rival player during a play, causing the opposing player to make an error.

While this act was considered bush league, it wasn’t nearly as infantile as the pitcher and catcher for the Chicago Cubs who got into a fist fight in the dug out over “having one’s head in the game.” Fortunately for fans, that fight continued out of sight.

A ball player for the Arizona Diamondbacks was knocked cold in a collision with his pitcher over a lack of communication over a pop up and a New York Yankee suffered a concussion during a violent impact with a batter due to an errant throw. While many of these communications issues might go down as Geminian in nature, there’s a clear Martian undercurrent.

That Martian effect arises from the fastest motion of Mars in its orbit and exposure to solar radiation through the shortest distance it experiences per revolution - perihelion. In turn, Mars inspires the Sun to erupt.

Last week Internet science posts marveled at a recent discovery that the Sun literally cries out prior to an outburst. In what appears to be an energetic warning, coronal mass ejections might be self prophesied by an hour or so. Astronauts in space need this warning to protect themselves from hazardous exposure to the solar outbursts.

Back on the home planet, Earth-bound folk can protect cell phones and the body’s sensitive energy centers, thus bypassing dimwit displays of irritation, mind-body glitches that inspire errors, impulsiveness and collisions.

This is especially good to remember with the prevailing Mars-Jupiter-Saturn trine in progress. This closed loop system flares up in the fire signs inspiring a rapidity of activity that may defy physical capability or mental acuity if not properly prepared.

I’ll return to baseball again for an example. Roger Clemens, undisputedly one of the best pitchers in the game and a Leo who competes only with home run slugger on the verge of a huge record and fellow Leonine, Barry Bonds for ego of the millennium award, now works his way back into the major leagues. With this pattern and the Saturn-Neptune opposition too, I speculated that his return (about Roger's return), if rushed, would likely be marred by a muscle pull and inflammation. Yep, groin pull. They hurried him and now his return will be delayed.

It’s like that right now. A fire grand trine, Mars at perihelion and a bursting at the brim star. Like one of our local baseball commentators noted today: Hang back just a bit and let success come to you. No need being over aggressive. Who could have said anything more graceful than Mark Grace, himself?

So as this week powers by, enjoy the flow of the highly charged solar energy stream. Why not let it lift you into a higher level of activity. With aspiration and activity aligned, you couldn’t ask for a better week. Get those aspirations fortified with some perspiration, then you don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Ground. Take time for nature. Stroll under the night sky. Do your practice of aligning spirit and body so you can really enjoy the streaming ions of solar stimulation.

Sorry for the delay between GT’s. After the grand conference in Seattle, I picked up quite the airplane disseminated flu bug. To those of you who are not sports fans, I’ll not apologize for the baseball references. They’re basic. They’re physical. They’re clear demonstrations of solar activity in action. For more on those columns: Stars of the Diamond.

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