Sunday, May 27, 2007

Universal Astrology Forecast for May 29, 30, 31 - Pluto prominent

By Dr. Louis Turi Website:

TUE., WED., THU. - MAY 29, 30, 31:
RULERS - Venus (Sexual temptation) and Pluto (Fatal attraction).

Work, Career and Business: You may be forced to realize the end of an era and the beginning of a new portion of your financial life. Your wishes for better business may not match your situation; Pluto will see to it and force a rebirth. It is all to your benefit in the long run; be at peace with yourself.

Partnerships: Time to enjoy good food, red wine and real safe sex! If you are in the wrong relationship, Pluto will free you soon. The opportunity to find real love will finally be given to you then. Better use diplomacy in all you say, or do; you may end up sorry if you don't. Some secrets may come your way; keep them for yourself and respect Pluto's desire for privacy.

Family and Friends: Expect dramatic news from all over within the next few days; be ready to take care of some friends in trouble, but realize your limits. Everyone will have a short temper; don't let Pluto affect your psyche. Use beautiful Venus' diplomatic power with everyone around you.

Love Affairs: The great planet of love will make you feel good about yourself and will give tons of charm and beauty. Be aware of mysterious Pluto and his sensual magnetism. Accompanying Venus he could transform you into an irresistible sex magnet. Trouble may come your way if you fall for passion in unprotected sex activity. Fight insecurity and jealousy avoid stressing. A love relationship started under this trend will become passionate and will stay (for good or for worse) with you forever. If you were born in January, a Virgo or a Taurus will get your heart. A friend born in November could prove difficult around you.

Travel and Communication: Pluto tends to choose the weakest or the strongest members of our society and play with their emotions. Whatever you say or do now will have incredible consequences; be diplomatic, stay clear of trouble. Do not stop for anyone on the road and let the police deal with Pluto. If you are with the children, it's time to watch them closely; this celestial mixture is totally against the children and many will fall victims to abusers. Anything you hear about school or drama should be taken with consideration, remember the growing children of the "Death Wish generation, see my book the power of the Dragon". Terrorist's plots and planning for death and destruction are taking place behind a curtain of deception.

Environment: As always, keep in mind that Pluto is very dangerous and could do some serious damage with nature's devastating forces, just to remind us of his power. The police could make drastic news too.

Famous Personalities: Famous people will meet with their death. Under Pluto's power, CNN anchor Don Harrison died after a long battle with cancer. He was 61 years old. Avoid large crowds where emotion and passion reign. Be aware of the destructive power of Pluto; do not take chances. Be patient.

Events: Do not trust strangers and avoid unfamiliar places. Pluto stirs man's animal tendencies. Pluto rules the crooks and the cops, and has the infinite forces of good and evil constantly teasing each other. The crooks will become more active and the police will try hard to cope. Under Pluto's power CARMEL, Indiana -- A man apparently upset that his loan application had been denied, opened fire on four bank employees and killed a woman who was going to offer him an umbrella to ward off the rain. The shooting was followed less than an hour later by a bank holdup a few miles away in Indianapolis. A suspect in that robbery was critically injured after police shot him. A third bank robbery was reported in Richmond, Indiana, about 65 miles east of Indianapolis, an hour after the second. Two men wearing ski masks, one armed with a pistol, escaped with an undetermined amount of money. If you are a police officer or a security guard on duty now, don't take chances, as the worst could happen to you. Offer Moon Power and true guidance to anyone involved in the law agency, you may save their life. Some children will make dramatic news.

Shopping: Invest in your soul and your reason to be on earth. Not the right time to visit your psychic or ask for direction unless you know him/her well. If you are into kinky stuff be careful as Pluto children kill with sex. Weird sexual behaviors are often produced by a mixture of Pluto (power/leather/sex) and Venus (sensuality/enticement/beauty) and combined with Uranus (weird/freedom/original), this could lead to unusual sexual escapades even death. Religious Neptune's vibration (deception/guilt/hidden/drugs) in your chart mixing with these energies will enhance deadly sexual encounter

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