Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Galactic Times For May 15, 2007

By Philip Sedgwick

Mars Crashes into Aries, Squares Pulsars and more! ~ 15 May 2007

In a way, the migration of Mars from Pisces to the sign over which he lords has a spring type feeling to it. No matter the hemisphere on Earth in which one resides, the push is on. Mars, of course, is the energizer, instigator, provocateur, butt kicker, name taker and creates the sound of the revving engine at the traffic signal ultimately eager to surge forward. After the last few days of being in the waning degrees of Pisces, maybe a few mild cautions prevent later admonishments.

First, like coming out of an intense dream state and before releasing the clutch, check all necessary driving parameters. You know, seat belt, windshield wipers, sound system three decibels below the threshold of pain until on the road and hot morning beverage positioned such that if you do jerk the clutch you’ll avoid another form of pain. Actually a hot drink in the lap will wake a person faster than the slow infusion of caffeine; while endearing you to your dry cleaners even more, this approach is not recommended unless you also have aloe vera gel in your glove box.

Second, when Mars gets an edge it can be a bit gruff. Gruff might come off mildly troll-like and scary. So approach new terrain with the awareness of a stranger in a strange land. Find the good humor in all new situations and do your best to inspire mirth. Early in the Mars passage in his sign, he makes a ninety-degree angle to a point that’s known as the Solar Apex (various positions cited, but roughly 2 Capricorn 09). Loosely, this point measures the drift of the Sun relative to the Galactic Center. To me, this point seems to represent the going off on a tangent phenomena - not in a bad way either. If there are focus, intent and direction, then the cardinal surge works wonderfully. If a sense of irony and lightness are maintained, a person proceeds with amused clarity. That’s the quality of being a muse instead of a(as in not) mused.

Third, Mars quickly encounters the fastest spinning pulsar in space. This gizmo has a long alphanumeric name, but measures in at 1 Capricorn 32. Given the spin and it’s placement in time-driven Cap, the specific skill is that of time assessment. People connected to this degree have an uncanny ability to assess the time any task will take. In contrast, Aries might under hurried circumstances tend to underestimate and forget to consider external variables, such as the influence of others stepping out of the path of a surging person with a full head of steam.

The reason the preceding Capricorn pulsar gets a clear time line comes from its companion pulsar, part of a cannibalistic black hole system, next door at 1 Cap 45. This pulsar’s complex realizes the need to co-mingle with the energy of others and realizes the trade off. The black hole, when consuming matter, pretty much converts that matter into highly charged energy. The bottom line, the nature of setting a time line relies upon an assessment of energy required, not the list of tasks to be performed.

So this far we have energy awareness, energetic cooperation, the need for direction even on courses that appear wayward, all pre-flight lists complete and a great sense of humor. It might be worth considering that in the last few days of Mars’ motion, he did square the Galactic Center and in some seemingly idle or incidental act surfaced an idea of cosmic merit. If no clear course currently appears, perhaps a slight review of inspired thoughts or realizations might do the trick. Heck, last night while watching championship basketball here in the U.S. it occurred to me that if all “fouls” (rough and disruptive contact by the opposition - you know, nasty Mars) were compensated by free shooting opportunities instead of the current protocols, the game might be played less violently. Soon as I finish this piece, I need to get on with writing the National Basketball Association.

Other Mars factors to include: At just over 12 degrees, Mars opposes the unnamed dwarf planet (though discovering astronomers hope for a Hawaiian lore name - already submitted) 2003 EL61, which is the fastest spinning object in the solar system and the result of a violent collision some long years ago. As Mars gets closer to this intriguing object, I’ll give more information on this... maybe even it’ll have a name by then. It should be close... I just can’t wait.

Mars also stands opposite the first known object outside our solar system to have planets, the pulsar PSR 1257+12 at 12 Libra 21. The image to keep in mind here: Yes, there are other planets out there besides your own. No fair adopting an attitude of solar system solipsism.

At 13 Aries 45, Mars looks directly across the heavens at the Sombrero Galaxy. This galaxy confirmed the red shift effect (things in space moving away) and proved that there were galaxies external to our own, a restatement of the last notation, but in larger scope.

Later in Aries, Mars aligns with a slew of unusual pulsars and black holes that inspire individuality, personal excellence, swiftness in releasing the past, clarity in moving forward and an uncanny understanding of one’s inner energy.

Jeez, if all of that doesn’t put spring back in your step, maybe ask Mars to gently hold your feet to the fire.

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