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The Blue Full Moon May 31 2007

By Robert Wilkinson of the

The coming 11 Gemini-Sagittarius Blue Full Moon occurs at 6:04 pm 31 May 2007, early morning June 1 east of the Madeiras. The Solar degree is one of "new vistas of concrete, conscious development," and the Moon is one of "physical enlightenment" and "activity dominated by fate."

The Moon is in the Grand Fire Trine quintile Neptune, with inspiration fed by the Sun in Gemini tredecile Neptune. This will bring powerful manifestations around 23 Leo, which no doubt will be crystalized over the next few weeks by Saturn. Be resolute and patient as you demonstrate your training while the Grand Irrationality swirls around us.

This Lunation will have mid-Scorpio rising on the West Coast of the US, late Sagittarius rising on the East Coast, mid-Pisces rising in London, and 1 degree Aries rising in Amsterdam. The sign on the Ascendant may provide clues to why things are the way they are where you are. This of course determines where the SeeSaw pattern falls in the chart, as which houses the planets fall in are changed accordingly. I can't go into specifics here, since that would require a lot more space than I can devote to it.

The outstanding feature of this Lunation is The Grand Irrationality driven by Venus biseptile Mars and triseptile Neptune and Pluto as Mars septiles Neptune and biseptiles Pluto. Expect the two weeks following the Full Moon will be filled with important choices and changes, where decisions determine future destinies whether they make sense or not. Just try to be practical, since it's now the last time for years where there will be no planets in an Earth sign. Once Mars hits Taurus, it's a whole new era!

These changes involve houses and planets ruled by Venus and Mars, as well as the usual suspects Neptune and Pluto. They will work these changes wherever we have late Cancer, mid Aries, late Aquarius, and late Sagittarius. This will directly impact all planets we have in any of the Grand Irrationality zones, outlined in the linked article.

The upcoming period may occasionally bring "cat and mouse" games, but don't try to fight the tide, as those who do will find themselves trying to hold the ocean back with a broom. Hold yourself to highest standards, trust your body-wisdom, and decondition your mind while opening to new visions of development.

We're building spiritual vehicles in this time to "deliver spiritual power" in the future, so defuse any lurking bombs of impatience, impulsiveness, or antisocial behavior. Allow a new perspective to come forth that can serve you in initiating a new identity. Confront lurking fears, and release the images that have enslaved you emotionally. Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sag is good for that.

Deciding and acting will be easy in the near future, but even more importantly don't allow feelings to build to breaking points. Insecurity will be high, as will the tendency to ignore experiencing reality due to too many activities and ideas. Learn how to name your experience of the moment, and allow your feelings to follow your vision or information you receive. Then let those feelings give rise to the next decision or action.

The lessons involve staying focused on the NOW, and not being tossed and turned by the passing things in the moment. Get still, meditate even more than usual, and you choose the movement rather than let it choose you. Definitely don't participate in the self-destructive patterns of another, regardless of how much you'd like to help them.

Also be careful of influences where you or another is smothering your heart. Don't let ego rigidity dominate your practice. Loosen up, give your "enforcer" a couple of weeks off, and try to remember to forgive a lot of human folly, whether your own or another's. Inexperience is not evil.

Overall, the bottom line lessons of the coming weeks are to prepare to establish a realization leading to a new realm. We shall be searching for justifications through persuading and being persuaded to cooperate in a greater collective effort, whether work or play. Beware of those who endlessly question and dispute, since that won't confirm anything except the old adage that "the best solution for dealing with a quarrelsome person is much distance between the two of you."

On a final note, it is said this is the third of the three "High Moons" of Spring each year. Also known as "the Christfest," this is supposedly the time when the World Teacher takes the new outpouring of compassionate wisdom brought forth at the previous Wesak Full Moon and transforms it into a multiplicity of ideas throughout the world, according to the unique need of each place it is made manifest. More about the 2007 Wesak Festival at the link.

Open your mind to a new way of realizing and expressing compassion and/or wisdom that has arisen these past few weeks. This is a time to find forms of fulfilling the promise of peace shown by the last New Moon in Taurus. The beloved is at the balcony. Sing your song, and avoid those who argue. When the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, there are greater realms to explore.

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