Saturday, May 12, 2007

Astrology Forecast for May 2007

By Janet Moon
Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

General Tendencies for Everyone

The planets are going to be busy this month. We are going to be under some kind of major planetary influence almost every day. We will get a short reprieve towards the middle of the month, and then things will start up again, all the way through the Blue Moon on May 31.

The Month begins with the Scorpio Full Moon on May 2, and we may be extra sensitive around that time. Try not to let other's negative feelings get to you, and my best advice is stay close to your "happy friends."

Mercury will be beginning a fight with Saturn and Neptune over the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, and Venus and Pluto will be arguing. But, Jupiter and Saturn will be at the peak of their harmonic angle. What this means, is Mercury, the god of communication and transportation, may bring some confusion and even criticism. We may get lost, or lose our sense of direction. We may find ourselves putting up with verbal abuse, or addicts, or both. And, some of us may get swindled or busted.

If it sounds too good to be true, on this weekend, it is. Venus rules relationships and money, and Pluto can bring up deep issues. There may be power struggles or jealousy crop up in relationships. There is also a potential for theft, because Pluto rules the criminal. But, Jupiter and Saturn will keep business going well, and any kind of investments we make will probably pay off .

Venus will enter home loving Cancer on May 8, and we will have a couple of minor planetary influences motivating us to try something new, and to put some of our thoughts into action. But, there is also a strong probability that we will be dealing with financial losses, or our energy will be low.

Also, Jupiter and Uranus will be coming to their peak, and that means we may go off onto some tangents that are completely unrealistic through May 10. You can read more about Jupiter Square Uranus in my Article, "Eccentric Behavior Dangerous Cranks, Managing Our Lives."

Mercury will enter his home sign of Gemini on May 11. This will give those of us with dominate Gemini in our charts a boost, and the rest of us may just be ready to talk. But, the weekend of May 12 and 13 brings more problems (just in time for Mothers' Day).

The Sun will be arguing with Neptune, and that's going to bring out addictions. Our judgment will be poor, so no major life changing decisions this weekend.

Also, Mars and Pluto will be in a major battle. Mars is our energy and our sex drive, and when Pluto is negatively aspected, the nuclear weapons may come out. (I mean that figuratively. Not forecasting any global wars.) There is a very strong potential for fights, and many will lose their tempers. With our addictions coming up, and with a tendency to lose our tempers, it is very likely there will be some bar brawls. Try to practice moderation with Mom, no matter how much she bitches.

After Mothers' Day, we will get a little reprieve. The planets will be fairly quiet for the next few days. The New Moon in Taurus will be on May 16, but all should remain calm until Saturday, May 19.

Over the weekend, Mercury will be fighting with Jupiter and Uranus, and he will be winking at Saturn. We won't be thinking in a practical manner, and some people will be just plain sarcastic. But, if we can keep our heads level, there may be an opportunity to get ahead.

The Sun will enter Gemini on May 21, and the Moon enters Leo. We may be ready to play on this day, and competitive type games will go well. On May 22 and 23, we will be feeling the effects of Mercury singing with Neptune as Neptune turns retrograde. We may find ourselves feeling very creative, but if we are not careful all the creativity may get focused into a negative part of our lives.

An example would be that we are wishing to express our love for someone, but we get drunk before we tell them. Neptune will be at retrograde station on May 24, and Venus and Uranus will be singing their own song. It is very likely we will be ready for something different, and with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, we may just want two. Extra marital affairs are likely, but if we can focus the energy correctly, we may create something beautiful.

Mercury will be upset with Pluto as our Memorial Day Weekend begins on May 26. People could be rather outspoken or impulsive. There is also a strong tendency for quarrels. Mercury will enter domestic Cancer on the evening of Memorial Day, May 28, and we will be ready to come back to reality.

We have a special Blue Moon on May 31, and we may be ready to let go of some of the addictions and emotional crap we have been carrying around all month. It will be an excellent day to look ahead.