Thursday, April 19, 2007

Saturn in Leo turns Direct - April 19, 2007

Saturn turns direct today, Thursday, April 19 2007. Saturn in Leo turned retrograde on December 5, 2006. We've had five months to mull things over and consider what we really want.

It wasn't a time, though, to put a lot into action. During the retrograde period, we've had to seriously consider how to structure our lives in responsible ways.

With Saturn in Leo we're concerned about our own self-expression, creativity, and downright fun. And how do we include all that with our responsibilities and obligations? Saturn will have the answer.

Saturn limits our desires to do anything we darn well please; Saturn is always the nagging reminder during retrograde, often via guilt imposed by ourselves or others, that the world demands we take a mature look at what's right for us and those we effect. Usually during Saturn retrograde, we know deep down that it will soon be time to give something up.

As Saturn turns direct, as of today, it's time for action...but at a snail's pace. We have until December 18, 2007 to make changes and re-structure the parts of our life that needs growing up.

Saturn will make sure you do everything right and in the right order. So be patient with yourself for five months. Saturn's here to help. With the benefits of Saturn, even if it causes anxiety in it's process of working on you and your growth, you do reap the reward of a sense of "rightness," even if nothing dramatic happens on the outside.

With the hard aspects of Saturn transiting a personal planet on your chart, there usual is an event that sets you on the right course. In retrospect, you'll understand what's happened during these five months and, especially if you have Saturn gently aspecting your chart, you'll be grateful. Now is the time to flow with Saturn's demands and take action for a new plan.

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