Monday, March 26, 2007

New Moon Predictions - March 19, 2007

By Dr. Louis Turi

New Moon — March 19, 2007 in Pisces: With the Head of the Dragon in Pisces and Uranus in Pisces expect surprising terrorist activities on the US and Allied interests.

Disturbing news about water damage, poisoning, religious fanatics, abortion, the Pope and the Middle East. Many diplomats will be active on the political front, trying to avoid religious wars in different parts of the world.

With Mars in Aquarius, acts of destruction and nuclear devices is the aim of terrorists. Prominent politicians of the Middle East run the risk of assassination and some unlucky souls will not survive this dangerous trend.

With Mercury in Pisces souls born now will further for good or worse their respective country’s religious belief systems. Expect progressive news involving science, chemical research, religion and the abortion dilemma.

Meanwhile, it is a sure sign that drastic change is still in store for parts of the Middle East and Asia. Nature and the weather could also turn out particularly difficult and may sink ships and produce devastating oil spills and flooding.

However, with the Waxing Moon (positive) we can only hope for less damage than anticipated. Push now, be confident and like the fish, swim with the upward tide.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries - A secret about your past will be divulged to you, your intuition is accurate.

Taurus - A new friend will enter your life and further one of your important wishes.

Gemini - Be alert, an opportunity to further your career is ahead of you.

Cancer - A trip close to the water will be bring you joy and a foreigner will please you.

Leo - A great opportunity to make more money or a legacy is ahead of you.

Virgo - A new business or emotional partner will be close by; don’t miss this option.

Libra - A new job opportunity or a promotion is around the corner, simply ask for it.

Scorpio - A new business offer, a new love or a child will make you happy.

Sagittarius -Thinking about buying a house or moving, the family needs you.

Capricorn - A new study and a trip is on the agenda. Make the most of it.

Aquarius - A deal will bring you money, but be practical in your spending.

Pisces - A new start in many areas of your life will further your position. Move on.