Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Second Chances - February 6, 2007

By Astrologer Philip Sedgwick
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While working on my Plutinos, Eris, Sedna etc. page on my website over the weekend, I realized that the Trans-Neptunian Object, Ixion, is now transited by Jupiter, who is on the Great Attractor as noted in last week’s GT. Ixion (13 Sag 13, direct and approaching the Great Attractor) bears one of the ugliest mythological stories around. I’m not going to dwell upon the myth so much; it’s really about the nutshell. Ixion committed murder but was granted a chance for penance on Mount Olympus at the invitation of none other than Jupiter himself - the planet that Ixion now joins in orb to the Great Attractor. On Mount Olympus, Ixion blew it big time. His demise ended up creating the rowdy bunch of characters known as the centaurs (except for Chiron and Centaurus).

Here’s the point: Jupiter and Ixion now stare down the multifrequency energy barrels of the Great Attractor who resounding reports in all wavelengths, “Make sure all things are considered. When lost, missed or ignored opportunities reappear, move swiftly and embrace the results of the energy and effort you’ve already extended.” Let’s say a person has been working to play a sport for a professional team, sing on Broadway, act in a movie, get the ultimate promotion in one’s chosen field or whatever lofty vision for life one holds and it suddenly appears. Here’s where the big gulp appears in one’s throat. Yep, it might be time to move, leave the small pond behind and be a smaller fish than how one now measures one’s scales in a massive ocean flooded with fish. Sometimes when confronting the change that massive success warrants, people gulp just a picosecond too long. Jupiter seems an impatient sort. He usually won’t call more than once, nor will he beg you to go along. Second chances are rare indeed. Given that stuff from before surfaces for another look...

Adding to the Jovian, Ixion, Great Attractorian mix, consider that Saturn now inches back into opposition with Neptune and squares Sedna. Sedna’s entire cause urges a person to make healthy choices that nurture the emotions and foster the spirit. Of course, this choice process deliberates by playing one’s perception of reality, fate and the Powers That Be against vision, hopefulness and aspirations that cruise in the high, thin upper layers of the atmosphere. So thin is the air, it’s hard to breathe. It’s even harder to gulp in thin air.

One of the best movies I’ve ever seen that plays out a victory for Neptune over Saturn is Field of Dreams. Regardless of what you think of the movie, the protagonists literally risk the farm for the sake of manifesting a healing vision. This film premiered under the last Saturn-Neptune conjunction. Another film that followed suit in the same planetary era was Dead Poet’s Society. Here, the theme of adopting a different way of viewing life such that the poetry of it can be seen. In our world, it consists of actually going outside at night to view the sky, restore a sense of awe and listen to the music of the spheres. If you’re in the northern half of North America, I know it’s dangerously cold outside. You only need a glimpse; or you can rent the videos mentioned above to restore vision. Perhaps you can seek out the Southern Hemisphere image widely circulating the web these days of Comet McNaught, fireworks and lightning in the distance taken by someone overlooking the ocean from Perth, Australia. The photo is so fantastical. It’s hard to believe it’s real. Uh-huh; that’s Saturn and Neptune. So choose your Sedna reality that favors Jupiter handing out second chances because he feels sorry for the small number of days in Gregorian February.

Maybe a review of the last several months serves us all. I don’t remember a time when we’ve experienced stelliums in Scorpio, followed by the same in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and while in the water bearer, a comet to boot. Interesting times, indeed. And another Chinese saying suggests that living well is the best revenge. Maybe it’s not revenge. Maybe seizing second chances stands as propitiation of one’s natural creativity rendered to the spheres above.

Soon it will be Valentine’s Day and wouldn’t you know, Mercury’s gonna be retrograde then. Oh well, maybe now’s the time to check out the Twin Stars report on my website. This report includes the healing references of a multitude of Chiron’s buddies - the centaurs - and gives practical things you can do for every chart pattern between you and yours. You won’t find this anywhere else but here.

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