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The Fate of Sylvia Browne

Note from Tara: This article is also online at www.astrostar.com/Fate-of-Sylvia-Browne.htm. Because I've been receiving insightful comments about Dr. Turi's newsletter on the website, I decided to add his article (edited for brevity) to this blog. Please feel free to comment. For astrologers, Sylvia Browne's natal chart info is below.

From Dr. Louis Turi's AstroPsychology Newsletter, January 30, 2007:

In this newsletter I will do the Astropsychological profile of self proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne and ask my many thousands of readers to participate in a very special request.

I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN Fox News tonight in a very hot debate against Sylvia Brown involving Robert Lancaster (stopsylviabrowne.com) and (James Randi).

As you may already know, on the Montel William’s show she announced the death and location of Shawn Hornbeck’s body, creating tremendous emotional pain to the parents Pam and Craig Akers. This dramatic story ended up positively when he was found alive a short distance from his home. This could also open a can of worms where people may decide to join and ask for their money back, again the stars have spoken and I will tell you more in time.

For years Sylvia Browne benefited from her international exposure on the Montel William television program and Montel, being a shrewd businessman, used her entertainment ability to bring more ratings to his show and made her a regular on his program. It’s all about entertainment, ratings and money and that’s America and using God in any way. By giving her this verbal forum, it is also a form of acceptance by the large religious palpable audience and protection against “evil”.

Many times I had people either calling or emailing me asking me about Sylvia Browne’s abilities and I always said use common sense and check her predictions before investing such large sums of money for her service. I also asked them if they had ever read her dated and printed predictions like I do regularly on my website. But people never really took take the time to seriously investigate her work.

Under serious emotional stress, the majority of people are very vulnerable and will go to a great length and pay a lot of money to find an answer, relief or closure. Preying on the weak members of our society works for everyone, especially religion.

But what is really taking place here is that as humans we are in constant need for spiritual regeneration, and it can only take place when dealing with spiritual matter. Like an empty stomach demanding more and more physical food, this type of chow is spiritual in nature and desperately needed by every one of us. This is why this world is plagued with so many religious buildings and an infinite supply of New Age stores.

I do predictions that can be checked every 2 or 3 days and have unarguably predicted all major dramas well before CNN posted them on their site. Again the dated printed process involving my books makes my predictions of the 911, the Asia Tsunami, the Kobe earthquake, Hurricane Andrew and Katrina, to name a few, totally unarguable and so are my radio and television appearances.

Sometimes people tend to believe that because someone is famous or charge lots of money they really have something real to offer. Wrong -- and this case proves my point. This sad dilemma created a serious impact on Sylvia Browne’s career and reputation while those who reject psychic powers used the opportunity to make their point that “abusers” should not be endorsed, supported or remunerated.

I entirely agree with the removal of “false prophets, so called psychics, or inadequate astrologers” that abuse a weak-minded society by charging outrageous prices for half an hour work on the telephone. This is why I do NOT do telephone work but TAPE all my “readings”. But how many famous people have the courage or guts to post such a disclaimer right at the top of their website?

Many times I have suggested people read the very end of this page on my website before dealing with any psychic. Did you? May be you should and save yourself trouble and money. drturi.com/commandments.php

Note also that famous religious ministers are doing the same by using God as an accepted “apparatus” to promote their ministries and very large financial revenues. Remember, this is America and everyone is protected by the 1st Amendment, and as long as it brings money, who cares?

However, there are such things as REAL gifted people totally dedicated to helping people in trouble, and for those who have followed me over the years, I am asking to help me prove my own case. If you truly believe that I have a real gift, lets take the challenge with the hardest, most critical skeptical atheists, scientists - what ever you call them - RIGHT NOW and let me show you and them that I AM the real thing!

Again I am not ready to commit career suicide but very confident in my legitimate wisdom and NO I am not an egocentric loaded with spiritual pride. If you do not know me well then take the time to listen to some of my radio shows.

Note that James Randi is offering a million dollars to someone willing to prove unique powers and may be you could help me, not to get the money (I am financially secure) but to prove my claim that I am the genuine thing. Note also that I do not bash psychics but always insisted that I am NOT a psychic but an Astropsychologist. Again, with a bit of research, you will find out that ALL my predictions are well-documented on TV, radio, and especially in my books. That is the difference between me and other “psychics” out there.

So please visit those two sites, email those true skeptics Robert Lancaster and James Randi for me and tell them what you think of my work. Suggest to them to visit my website www.drturi.com and tell them that I am especially willing to take Randi’s challenge he made on national television tonight for Sylvia Browne -- to do ten readings, mix them up and let the people find the one that fit them best. Sylvia Browne’s business manager said she would NOT do it because she has nothing to prove to Randi, but I do.

Here is the link to watch the show: youtube.com/watch?v=dw_7sMKR8jo"youtube.com/watch?v=dw_7sMKR8jo

Then E-mail: James Randi and E-mail: webmaster@StopSylviaBrowne.com

Astropsychology profile for Sylvia Browne
Date of birth : October, 19, 1936

Sylvia has the same housing system as Dr. Laura and depicts a natural psychologist; note also that both ladies are extremely religious.

Sun - 25Lib26 (1) Soul’s purpose - To bring balance and harmony (The Minister)
Moon - 04Sag09 (3) Mind - The publisher, feeding with words (The Philosopher)
Mercury -07Lib41 (1) Self – The Communicator, the business man (The writer)
Venus - 24Sco51 (2) Money - The artist, the diplomat the luxious (the Investor)
Mars - 13Vir52 (12) Subconscious – Perfectionist – Health promoter
Jupiter - 21Sag04 (3) Mind – The lucky – The teacher – The gambler (The exaggerator)
Saturn - 16Pis36 (6) Work – The psychic – The dreamer – The dedicated (The guilty)
Uranus - 08Tau05 (8) Psychic House – Money –Bank – Serious surprises (Changes)
Neptune -17Vir54 (12) Subconscious – The healer - The psychic – Deception (Guilt)
Pluto - 28Can44 (10) Career – Power – Police – Secret – Death – Drama (Secret)
Midheaven - 29Ari21 (7) Career – Leader – Competitive – Aggressive – (Assertive)
Dragon’s Head - 27Sag27 (3) – Luck with publishing – Foreigners - Religions (Growth)
Dragon’s Tail - 27Gem27 (9) Double personality – Lies – Adaptable – (Communication)

RULER OF CHART: Moon -This lunation 1/29/07 took place in the sign of Cancer in her 10th house of career and denote the beginning and/or ending of important phases of life. Sylvia’s life and career are totally under the jurisdiction of the moon and more than anyone she should use my book Moon Power Starguide 2007."

Get this book too and you will get much more than what you bargained for. You will tell me more about my book at the end of 2007.

Now if you go to my website this is what you would read:


(*) Beginning/Ending of Important Portion of Life/Forced Relocation/destructive weather.

Children Mothers Cry Home No More

Face Fear Nature Rules

Earth Water Fire Wind Scream

Changes Imposed Pray For Souls

Written by Dr. Turi January 21, 2007:

PLANETARY HOUR LORD: Sun - Means an option for fame is offered to the soul.

So what happened to Sylvia Browne? ( Changes Imposed Pray For Souls ) What it is in the stars that produced such a dramatic change in her life? Well it’s the Dragon!

Now I always said that the Dragon’s location by house and sign has more power in itself than the entire complexity of your chart. Well the Dragons’ Head and Tail are right now and since last June 2006 into the sign of Pisces Virgo axis.

As I am writing this newsletter Sylvia has the Dragon RIGHT in her 6th house of work and service to the world regulated by the psychic sign of Pisces. Thus the Dragon karmically imposed her celestial will on her for drastic and dramatic changes.

The Dragon’s Tail is now cruising through her 12th house (the subconscious) and induced serious psychological stress due to the imposed transformation. My book “2007 Moon Power” and “The Power Of The Dragon” have all the nuts and bolts about YOUR own Dragon and the changes it will impose on you and those you care GET THE BOOKS NOW! Do yourself a great favor! drturi.com/books.php

Lastly, I am sure many of you heard of the “The Secret” (Law of Attraction) and what this great movie’s teachers did not talk about is that this very law can also attract DRAMA and changes. Maybe Mrs. Sylvia Brown nurtured some fears and/or guilt and the “Law of attraction” and did the rest?


I can only wish Sylvia Brown the best of the best because regardless of her fate sure enough in her own right she must also have helped a lot of people.

NO telephone work - ALL my work is TAPED! NO gimmick, no lies but the truth to the best of my ability. I am also confident enough to say that I will take good care of you and that you and the future is my only witness.

Blessings to all, Dr. Turi

Bio: Like the great prophet, Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence, France. He was influenced by Nostradamus' methods of Divine Astrology and spent many years reviving the Seer's rare method. He grew up speaking the same now disappearing dialect.

He moved to the US in 1984 and has since established himself as a successful astrologer, author, and lecturer. In 1993 he received a metaphysical Doctorate from the Progressive Universal Life Church based in Sacramento, California.

His notoriety skyrocketed after rekindling, practicing and teaching Nostradamus’ rare Divine Astrology method, which he calls Astropsychology.

Turi is known for the hundreds of accurate predictions he makes. He writes a yearly periodical with all these predictions; the latest is Moon Power Starguide 2007."

By Dr. Louis Turi
Email: Dr.Turi@cox.net
Website: www.DrTuri.com