Sunday, February 04, 2007

Astro-Noetics February 2007 Astrology Forecast

By Astrologer Bill Streett

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Uranus conjunct Venus: 1st through 11th
Saturn-Neptune opposition: All Month
Jupiter square Uranus: All Month
Jupiter trine Saturn: 13th through 28th
Venus square Pluto : 15th through 24th

The Saturn-Neptune opposition, an alignment that has been in effect since late 2005, reaches its greatest potency over the next few months. In February and June, the alignment is in exact opposition, thus, a good case can be made that the manifestations of the alignment are at its ultimate point of emergence now.

Psychologically, the alignment can create at least two primary and interrelated responses. One response might be adequately alluded to by the German word, Sehnsucht, which, although there is no precise English equivalent, roughly translates into a romantic, unrequited pining for something unobtainable and beyond reach.

This tragic-romantic quality bound to the Saturn-Neptune pairing is associated with an urge to escape and transcend the flawed, mundane, and defeating quality of earthbound necessity. A second response to the alignment is often characterized by ennui, disillusionment, and an existential flatness.

Although the Saturn-Neptune alignment isn’t characterized by dramatic external and subjective events, like the cumulative effect of solitary confinement or imprisonment, the alignment tends to challenge one’s attitude through a very slow and very subtle test of nerves. More of the potentials of the alignment can be found in a number of essays on the website.

The beginning of the month witnesses a conjunction of Uranus and Venus in the sign of Pisces. As this conjunction is supported by aspects from Mars and Jupiter as well, this brief lived conjunction between Uranus and Venus could indicate a major stimulation of artistic and romantic possibilities. With the conjunction between these two planets in the sign of Pisces, there is perhaps the greatest potential to loose one's self into another; arguably the best phrase to capture the sum effect of this archetypal confluence is 'being turned on by the falling into love.'

If Uranus and Venus in conjunction promise romantic potentials, Uranus’s correlation with fickleness and accelerated change can suggest that any romantic encounter that happens under this pairing, while stimulating, can be short-lived. Deeper passions and intensity can occur immediately after the Uranus conjunction to Venus, as Venus forms a square aspect to Pluto late in February. However, while bonds that occur while Pluto and Venus are in aspect can be highly ardent, these types of relationships can also thrive on drama for its own sake.

Jupiter and Uranus continue to be in square (or ninety degree) aspect all month. Although in the age of science, we may have denounced magic as a possibility, as Arthur C. Clarke purportedly stated, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The Jupiter-Uranus pairing, regardless of the aspect involved, mirrors the archetype of the magical wizard, waving his star-speckled wand to and fro and granting magical gifts to humanity in the form of technology, cultural breakthroughs, and inspired intuitions. If Uranus is akin to the magical key of divinely inspired “higher mind” knowledge, then major Jupiter-Uranus aspects signal times of high ceremonial magic. With major and prolonged aspects between Jupiter and Uranus in 2006 and 2007, these years can certainly bestow dazzling creative gifts for all cultures.

By mid-month, Jupiter forms a trine (or 120 degree) aspect to Saturn. The two planets naturally act as complimentary opposites. While Jupiter inspires, elevates, and expands, Saturn limits, defeats, and grounds. While not highly antagonistic to each other, Jupiter and Saturn represent two distinct qualities of life. The current trine aspect between these planets implies a certain harmony between the contractive and expansive forces of the universe. As a synergistic quality, the two planets connote a structural integrity, a solid cohesion, and a durable consistency.