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Double-Dipping - January 23, 2007

By Astrologer Philip Sedgwick
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For those of you wrangling your way through the recent collection of Aquarian energy over the weekend, there’s good news. First though, what the hell does dealing with a dose of Aquarius feel like? It is hard to tell, isn’t it? Over this past weekend we had three planets - Mercury, Venus and Neptune, the centaur Chiron, the Moon and the Sun all in Aquarius. Since last Scorpio time it seems the Universe intentionally stacked up piled on planets in the interest of making the archetype undeniable. The current collection of Aquarius stays pretty thick through the 27th, when Venus moves into Pisces and a bit less on February 2nd when Mercury splashes in the shallow end of Pisces and reintensifies slightly in mid-February when the Moon takes on Aquarius again just after Valentine’s and another surge can be felt when Mars enters Aquarius on February 26th. I know that last sentence was long, but that’s what it like tracking the Aquarian thought sequence.

Oh yeah, there was that blazing comet also trekking though Aquarius. With its brilliant and fire-like in appearance, the comet stopped traffic on highways in Africa as onlookers thought the tail to be a raging brush fire. Actually a comet, formerly called beared stars by our ancestors, is a frozen collection of gas and dust much like Chiron, Pluto and other Kuiper belt members. Comet McNaught orbits in a non-closed ellipse, likely originating deep in the solar system. Now as it reflects the energy of the Sun and most likely showers us with x-rays as we watch in awe, whether consciously or not, receive messages from beyond the depths of which we have known, inspiring one of the key phrases of the new dwarf planet, Eris, “Things you know not of.”

Still, the gamut of Aquarius made things difficult for most. There’s that whole body/spirit/mind lack of synchronization going on for most. People report they can’t get to sleep. When they finally dip into the refuge of sleep, dreams take them deeper than normal, making it the process of waking and becoming alert more difficult that normal. Regardless in those punchy, blurry twilight zones that signal being between worlds some amazing revelations remain to be discovered. In fact major innovation trend-setting black holes in Aquarius conjure up this strange state all for the purpose of warping time/space/reality to the point where new aspects of consciousness might actually enter.

Speaking of black holes, the candidate M33 X-7 located at 27 Aries 34 plays in the above scenario, too. While not impacted directly by the planets noted above, anyone can use its 3.45 day period to their advantage. This singularity supports self realization and the integration of all new information by adherence to its period. After these surging intervals of insight, which simply will not let up this year, sit for a quick review every three and a half days (especially if your chart connects to this degree). Ask “what did you learn” and how can you add the insight to your personal confidence profile. With your PCP enhanced, you can go further than ever before... maybe twice as far.

That’s a good thing because a new Kuiper Belt Object, 2006 SQ372, whose orbit remains relatively unrefined presently shows that it retreats in space to twice the distance of far-reaching Sedna. If this initial orbital tracking stands, this body will take a leisurely 27,773 years to amble about the Sun. This body, though, appears to be very small (maybe 65 km in diameter), thus likely will be ignored on the interpretive level. But think about what it just did. This body, by virtue or being in a solar-based orbit just doubled the known size of our solar system!! The breadth of our Sun’s domain is twice as big as we previously knew, being the effect of one of those things we know not of according to the disruptive, evolutionary chaos caused by Eris. Holy smokes!! We’re going to need the expanding, inclusionary energy of Aquarius just to wrap around this. And for those of you who love to verify grammatical usage, I made up inclusionary. Seems that a new word might be apropos for the moment.

Double! Twice as big! What will we do with all that new space? It’s like finding a huge new closet with drawers and shelves in your house. First you have to spread out all the crammed in stuff and create a moderate display of disorder to allow the gain to offer its best to your previously controlled, contained or compacted considerations. When I found out about this I had to take the rest of the day off solely for the purpose of making new “to do” lists... and there’s still room on the new page.

I dunno. Maybe it’s like the phrase sticking in my head from a dream of last night. I was writing a story about an aged, brilliant, compassionate television interviewer. As could describe the Aquarian planets now present, the lead sentence in the story about the interviewer was going to be: “It’s not what he says; it’s what he gets you to say.”

Might as well double dipping into galactic dip. For a limited time (oh what the heck, until February 15th), if you purchase the Galactic Trilogy CD and the Eris Audio-Data CD (which you’d get at the 15% discount) you get two Galactic Reports free. If you already purchased the Galactic Trilogy and now take on the Enigmatic Eris CD, you’ll receive one free Galactic Report. Now, since you’re probably getting the second galactic report for someone other than yourself unless you have other well documented personalities or confirmed past lives, I’m going to ask that this person addressed in the report be the recipient of the report. I’ll send it to her/him and include in the subject line of the e-mail “A gift to you from...” Thanks for your understanding on that.

Ephemeris for Comet McNaught C/2006 P1, epoch 2000.0 (meaning that about 5' should be added for the 2007 position)

Jan 20 - 1 Aq 14
Jan 25 - 2 Aq 00
Jan 30 - 2 Aq 49
Feb 04 - 3 Aq 44
Feb 09 - 4 Aq 42
Feb 14 - 5 Aq 39
Feb 19 - 6 Aq 33

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