Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Polar Bears are Drowning off Alaska's Coast

This is a letter from Frances Beinecke, President of the
Natural Resources Defense Council http://www.nrdc.org

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Warm and fuzzy holiday images of polar bears are everywhere you look right now.

But the reality near the North Pole is much more grim.

Polar bears are drowning off Alaska's coast -- as they are forced to swim greater and greater distances to find the disappearing Arctic ice sheets they depend on for survival.

They are the first major species to face extinction as a direct result of global warming, and their fate literally hangs in the balance this holiday season.

That's why I am contacting you now with an urgent request.

Over the holidays, the Bush Administration will decide if polar bears deserve protection under the Endangered Species Act.

They will either throw polar bears a lifeline -- or condemn them to extinction.

Please make a donation today so that NRDC can spring into action on behalf of the polar bear as soon as the Administration makes its decision this month.

If the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service proposes "Threatened Species" protection for the polar bear, your financial support will help us launch a media blitz and an online campaign that will counter stiff opposition from Big Oil and Big Coal.

If the polar bear is DENIED Threatened Species protection, your donation will allow NRDC to take the Bush Administration to court and force them to uphold the law and protect the bear.

Sadly, this second scenario is all too likely given President Bush's pro-polluter agenda and relentless attacks on wildlife. It will be an expensive legal battle to wage, but we can fight and win it with your support.

Either way, your holiday donation is critical. In the past, the Bush Administration has saved some of its worst environmental decisions for the busy holiday season when the American people are distracted by shopping and celebrating.

That's why NRDC has already formulated OUR holiday strategy. Powered by your generous support, NRDC will be working right through the holidays to give the polar bear a fighting chance against extinction.

Frances Beinecke, President
Natural Resources Defense Council

P.S. Please throw drowning polar bears a lifeline now -- before the height of the holiday season. A win for the polar bear is a win for every living being on the planet from the disastrous consequences of global warming.