Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Month of Capricorn, 2006-07

By Sharita Star
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The karmic planet Saturn guides our Sun’s transit through Capricorn, beginning on 7:22pmEST December 21st. Capricorn is our final leader on the Zodiac wheel, initiating winter as it begins upon the solstice. Collectively we are meant to learn patience, stability and wisdom over this period. Currently Saturn is in Retrograde, and for some these lessons may be harder to achieve, as Retrograde periods easily can allow blockages and challenges to achieving the positive aspects of that planet’s guidance.

While enjoying all the pleasures and finer things in life, Capricorn natives achieve them all through practicality and discipline. Like their symbol, the Goat, they never stop working, ultimately allowing our Saturnine friends to manifest the material as their reward. This cardinal earthen energy appreciates what is established and stable in life.

Organized to a tee, the ultimate goal of perfection is the outcome of whatever task a Capricorn sets their mind to. The natural urge to work rarely lets them have fun, and with the possession of a hidden and subtle sense of humor, their virtues are never far away. The conscious aim for integrity grants our Goats with a strong sense of reverence and duty to their agendas.

Keen in the capabilities to utilize, conserve, persevere, and concentrate, Capricorns attain one goal after another, often starting from a very young age. The nature is fatherly, just, cautious, economical, ambitious, and dependable. At worst the attitude is self-absorbed, scrupulous, suspicious, mean, snobbish, morbid and uninspired. Through the cultivation of sociability, buoyancy and effective self-expression, the typical Capricorn easily learns to have more flexibility and fun in life.

During this astrological month, Saturn, now in Retrograde, continues in its transit of Leo. We are asked to REflect and REassess in the house Leo governs in our astrological chart. Looking to any individual’s personal month numerical cycles, January marks the start of their repetition till March to reform what we have gained from last October to December. Over this period, Saturn is meant to aide in our self-reliance, settling karmic ties and mysteries, and ultimately allows them to come to the surface to be dealt with.

As time continuously evolves, whatever sign Saturn is transiting, is the area of life in need of cleansing that which is not serving us in our lives. Choosing resistance during these natural times of renewal only makes them all the more challenging to get through. Saturn grants us our LESSONS learned: for when we heed them NO ONE LOSES so there is NO LOSS.

Shortly after the Christmas holiday Mercury joins our Sun and Venus in Capricorn, while we continue forward in learning more of those fatherly wisdoms. Look for attitudes of the collective to be practical until Venus enters Aquarius, when values see a release; now able to be more inventive, original and humanitarian oriented. December 27th through January 3rd marks intensity in the house Capricorn rules in anyone’s birth chart.

Mars catches up with our Sun upon January 16th, allowing the collective’s drives to be extra rooted in discipline. Mars remains in Capricorn until February 25th, so again look to the house Capricorn rules in any birth chart to see where you’ll see an extra boost over this period. Mars accelerates and energizes, often bringing new ideas and beginnings while in any sign it is currently transiting through.

Mistakes are only lessons waiting to be learned. As we continue to learn through our experiences, once we KNOW: NOW we have WON.

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