Sunday, December 03, 2006

Astro-Noetics December Astrology Forecast

By Astrologer Bill Streett

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Emphasis in Sagittarius - December 1st-9th
Full Moon square Uranus - December 4
Venus conjunct Pluto - December 1st-14th
Mars conjunct Jupiter - 1st-24th
Saturn trine Pluto - All Month
Saturn opposite Neptune - All Month

The most noticeable astrological feature for the month of December is the planetary merger in the sign of Sagittarius. As late October and November witnessed a convergence of planets in the sign of Scorpio, these same planets now unite within

If opposite signs of the Zodiac are distinctly, if not antagonistically, dissimilar to each other, adjacent signs are simply unlike. Without the frictional energy that is often characterized in opposing signs, adjacent signs do not clash; they simply do not exist in the same universe, and they notoriously do not see eye to eye.

The cosmic, trippy sensitivity of Pisces yields to the fiery and insensitive independence of adjacent Aries. The flamboyant and dramatic quality attributed to Leo yields to its adjacent sign of Virgo, known for its retentiveness and withholding.

However, the most dramatic difference between two adjacent signs is arguably the contrast between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The dark, underworld realm associated with Scorpio yields to the inspirational heights and vision of Sagittarius. If Scorpio is known for its depth and hidden agendas, Sagittarius is known for its broad outlook and blunt, indiscreet way of truth-telling.

For every myth revolving around a descent into the underworld, and its concomitant depth of transformation, there is a myth of ascending the peak of the gods, and astrologically, this is captured in the contrast between Scorpio and Sagittarius. While October and November may have been flavored by rapid transformation with an emphasis on sexuality, death, and the culturally forbidden, the planetary pile-up in Sagittarius promises more lofty and idealistic pursuits.

Though the emphasis on Scorpio and Sagittarius makes for a distinct contrast in the prevailing energies of the time, the fact that Pluto, the planet (or more accurately 'dwarf planet') said to "rule" Scorpio is currently in Sagittarius may temper the contrast between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

More accurately, Pluto's presence in Sagittarius brings a heat, depth, and intensity to this sign. Pluto's long journey in Sagittarius has transformed to the core our moral, religious, and philosophical orientation. Thus, this December may witness a major flare-up of issues surrounding our collective faith, orientation, or philosophical outlook. Values, orientations, and tastes may particularly be powerful and issues in the first half of the month, as Venus and Pluto conjoin in Sagittarius.

This may be a time in which differences in direction and ideals in relationship become an all-important issue, and a topic that will be sure to raise tempers and spark conflict. Because Pluto in Sagittarius may lead to an obsession with winning arguments based on moral convictions, winning a philosophical fight may actually end up costing a relationship.

The beginning of the month may witness some degree of turbulence as the Full Moon in the Gemini and Sagittarius axis forms a t-square with Uranus in Pisces. Such an alignment is frictional and quite challenging.

The fourth of December, the day of the Full Moon, certainly will highlight Uranus's potentials; however, because the Uranus's archetype is complex, it is difficult to state with precision how the energy will express itself. Will the day be full of unexpected turns and wildly chaotic u-turns, reflective of Uranus's correspondence with quick and sudden changes, or will the day be full of intuition and mind-bending discoveries and insights revealing the higher, "cosmic" mind associations with Uranus? Typically, with such things, a little of both tends to express itself.

Finally, the Saturn-Neptune opposition is still in potent and full expression in December, particularly as Saturn "stations" (changes direction in orbit from the perspective of earth) in the early part of the month. Given a ten degree orb of influence, the alignment began in late 2005 and will end in mid-2008, thus, we are still very much in the throes of its manifestations.

The alignment may not be indicative of dramatic and overt conflict; its real influence is likely to take place as an interior trial, replete with tests in faith, conscience, and discernment. Besides its subjective influence, the Saturn-Neptune opposition may also correlate with entrapment, a sense of being stuck in between forces over which one has little efficacy and control. Not known as a dynamic energizer or motivator, it may take greater than usual patience and application of will to achieve one's desires under such an alignment.

By Astrologer Bill Streett