Sunday, November 05, 2006

Astro-Noetics November Astrology Forecast

By Astrologer Bill Streett

Sun, Mars, Venus triple conjunction
Saturn opposite Neptune
Venus conjunct Jupiter
Saturn trine Pluto
Saturn square Mars
Station of Uranus

Astrologically speaking, November can be seen as a continuation of October, as a multiple planet conjunction continues in the sign of Scorpio. Throughout the first half of November, five planets commingle in the sign of intensity, passion, and depth. With such an emphasis on Scorpio in October and November, the archetypal patterns call for significant transformation. Although a nebulous word that can connate many things, transformation in this case suggests a rapid modification of one's condition.

Within physics, a substance can only undergo a change of state under extreme variation in the outer environment. Thus, with such a concentration of energy in Scorpio through Mid-November, powerful and forceful outer conditions may associate with a significant internal change: a major adjustment in attitude, a noticeable transformation in approach, or simply a quick revolution in frame of reference. Scorpio, and its related symbols of Pluto and the Eighth House, connotes the most intense and dramatic of changes. Not unlike the gateways that administer birth and death, these astrological symbols can all portend very noticeable and acute change. What is often remarkable about an astrological emphasis on Scorpio (and its astrological analogues) is the rapidity of change. With so much focus on Scorpio currently, it is not unlikely that the major topics of "change of state" birth, sex, and death will be in the air, so to speak.

The intensity of Scorpio is only augmented by Saturn's major alignments to both Neptune and Pluto. As the agents of vast, cosmic change, Neptune and Pluto are the markers in astrology for the greatest and most enduring renovations. With Saturn in alignment to these planets, the sixth planet from the Sun can both act to retard change and restrain evolutionary advancement from occurring, but, somewhat paradoxically, Saturn can also create the container necessary for subsequent growth to occur. Thus, along with the emphasis in Scorpio, this constellation of alignments can enforce profound transformation. There is also a noticeable heaviness with this energy, a seriousness that seems to pervade the backdrop of events.

Focusing solely on the Saturn-Neptune opposition now, it is apparent, that, after many months of this opposition being in effect, one of the main expressions of this configuration is scandal. The quantity of cover-ups of alleged wrongdoings and transgressions has truly been staggering. The attendant feelings of being conned, duped, and scammed all seem to be a part of the whole Saturn-Neptune gestalt, for it is during these alignments that enchanting and blinding illusions, the arguably negative side of Neptune gets the "reality check-in" that is so notoriously affiliated with Saturn. It becomes quite difficult to hide with smoke and mirrors any and all chimeras and "mayic sheathing" that distorts, bends, and contorts truth under such an alignment.

In a larger sense, this Saturn-Neptune alignment has an effect on consciousness in general and can therefore be considered a psycho-spiritual test. If the current scandals that are occurring in the main drama of life are but a macrocosm of what we individually endure, we all in some way must face difficult truths and subtle deceptions during this time.

Under Saturn-Neptune alignments, we perceive reality (or more accurately, our condition) in a more sober and striking light. The captivating psychological projections that can kindle a romance begin to dampen. Subtle self deceptions we tell our self about our daily life, our financial situation, work life, and relationships begin to slip away. Art, entertainment, and social gatherings lose their ability to entrance, enchant, and lure. Saturn-Neptune alignments can turn something difficult to define our stream of consciousness, our subjective experience, our interiority into a stark and cold picture show, a film of life with little magic, vitality and excitement.

In this manner, Saturn aspects are tests, and with Saturn-Neptune alignments, the tests are usually internal, quiet, hidden from view, but a major challenge nonetheless-a challenge of faith.

Under a Saturn-Neptune alignment, Like Dante in the Divine Comedy, we loose ourselves in a dark forest, only to come upon a sign which states, "Abandon All hope, Ye Who Enter Here." If we succumb to the dictates of the sign, we become cynical, bitter, and corrosively pungent in outlook. However, as a challenge and test, the Saturn-Neptune alignment can be a motivator to keep faith and hope very much alive, even when our perceptions and projections can very much run dry.

Bill Streett