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Pre-Halloween Depression Oct 10 thru Nov 7 - Jupiter Square Saturn

Pre-Halloween Depression - Dr Jekyl Mr Hyde Mood Swings - Oct 10 thru Nov 7 - Jupiter Square Saturn
By Janet Moon

When Jupiter and Saturn are square (negative), one is stepping on the gas while the other is hitting the brakes. Jupiter rules generosity and expansion ("lets have a good time"), and Saturn governs discipline and morals ("got to keep working"). These are two slow outer planets, so this aspect will last nearly a month. And, because these planets go retrograde almost as much as they move forward, this aspect will occur more than once over approximately a year and a half span. It happened back in June and July, 2006, and will occur again in July and August 2007. Artists could hit a block at this time. Others may be indifferent towards their spirituality and more materialistic. We may even encounter some dishonesty or material losses. We may also encounter mood swings. One day she's ready to bite my head off, and the next she acts like we are best friends, thus the "Jekyl-Hyde" aspect.

During the first 10 days of this aspect the Sun, Mars, and Venus will be sending Saturn some positive opportunities, but around October 20 Mercury will begin to strengthen Jupiter's conflict with Saturn for the next couple of days. Then, Jupiter and Saturn will hit their peak on October 25. The effects of any aspect are always more intense as we approach it's peak, and we will also have many inner planets also adding their influence before the peak. Thus, from October 10 through October 20, the Jekyl-Hyde syndrome may find a positive outlet, like some creative project. But, from October 20 through approximately October 26, things may become more distorted. People may say some very cruel things, and really use caution driving, because Mercury rules transportation. Would not want Mr. Hyde on the freeway, now would we?

Just a few days after Jupiter begins his conflict with Saturn, Saturn will move to ally himself with Pluto. Despite the fact that astronomers have downgraded Pluto to a planetoid, astrologers still give Pluto tremendous power. But, when Pluto is involved, even positive aspects can be difficult, and Saturn has always been feared as restrictive planet. Because Saturn and Pluto are both in fire signs, and Jupiter is in watery Scorpio, this could bring the battle between fire and water. Depending upon where this all lines up in our charts, there could be some big changes for some of us. We may just find that our luck is gone, or we may encounter some tremendous loss. But, because Pluto is at a positive aspect, it will probably bring us to a better place in the long run. You can read my article about Saturn trine Pluto at:

Jupiter will be from 20 to 26 degrees Scorpio during this aspect, and Saturn will be from 22 to 24 degrees Leo. Check your natal chart to see which houses this aspect will be occurring in for you. Also if you have any planets between 18 and 28 degrees in Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, or Leo, this could be especially difficult for you. Which natal planet in your chart being affected will determine what aspect of your life it will upset. Also, check your houses to see what areas will be affected.

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