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Mercury Retrograde - Oct 28 thru Nov 17 2006

By Janet Moon
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On October 28, Mercury will begin another retrograde. Mercury goes reverse more than any other planet, about 3 or 4 times a year. When a planet is in retrograde it appears to be moving backwards across the sky. Planets don't actually change the direction of their orbits. They just appear that way, because the Earth is not the center of the solar system, but the Earth is the center of the zodiac

Retrograde station is the point where the planet changes directions, so it appears to be holding still in the sky. A few days prior and a few days after October 28, while Mercury is at retrograde station, things may be a bit difficult. Mercury is the ruler of the mind and communication, and he also governs travel. Some of us, especially Gemini's and Virgo's, will find that our minds just are not functioning as they usually do. We may forget things or feel confused. Conversations and correspondence could be misunderstood. Internet communications may not connect including Internet banking. Be sure to back up your computer files, because Mercury can cause your computer to crash. This is also not a good time to have "that talk" with a loved one.

After Mercury gets turned around and moving in his backward motion, from October 28 through November 17, it will be a time for exploring the past. It may be a good time to go back and look over past contracts and correspondence. It will be a great time for any kind of homecomings. I like to go ghost hunting during Mercury's retrograde. The division between us and those past over becomes more translucent at this time.

A few days prior and a few days after November 17 will be the most difficult period of this transit. Usually the retrograde is most powerful when the planet is in the process of changing to a forward direction, direct station. Try to avoid signing any contracts for these few days, and do not make any life changing decisions at this time. There could be delays and detours with travel, so be prepared, and again be sure computer files are backed-up. There could be communication misunderstandings so pay attention to detail when relaying messages, and be ready to send another in case the first gets lost.

Mercury's retrograde will be from 25 degrees through 9 degrees Scorpio. Check your natal chart to see which houses Mercury will be affecting for you, and to see if he may be aspecting any of your natal planets. Where this aspect lands in your houses determine what areas of your life that will be affected.

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