Friday, September 08, 2006

The Week of September 11-18, 2006

The Week of September 11-18, 2006
Mercury Conjunct Mars, Sun Square Pluto, Venus Opposed Uranus, and Two Mutable T-Squares

By Robert Wilkinson of the

This week we should be able to make a lot of progress and focus much that has been scattered or diffused before now. Furthermore, as Mars has already entered Libra, with Mercury following on September 12, we should see more even-handedness and balance in our communications and interactions. We should already be getting signals about what October promises, so allow the transfiguration to continue without getting lost in obscure details that may not amount to much.

Starting the week with Moon in Taurus, as I mentioned in last week’s column, “Any confusion on September 11th comes from the Grand Fixed Cross, but the trine to the Sun should allow truth to come forth, despite the generic confusion, fear, illusions, and excessive tendencies the Grand Fixed Cross indicates.” Don’t let simplistic or stubborn thinking bog you down, since the trine to Mercury at 30 Virgo should give accurate signals about the Mars function set into motion at the Lunar Eclipse. More about the influence of 30 Virgo and the Eclipses at this link, since it plays an extremely important role in the coming Solar Eclipse, also mentioned in the linked article.

September 12 the Moon enters Gemini at 1:59 pm PDT, and Mercury enters Libra one minute before. This will affect wherever we have Gemini and Virgo planets and houses, showing a new archetype and a transfigured way of interpreting and communicating things. How we coordinate our affairs should be less critical, more smooth, and quickened, since Mercury then is rapidly moving toward its conjunction with Mars, fusing our Mercury ruled areas with our Aries and Scorpio ruled areas. Moon trine Mars all day should help us see the bigger picture as well as all the pieces.

The Moon stays in Gemini through September 14 at 7:53 pm PDT when it slips into Cancer. September 13 we have the first Mutable T-square of the week as the Moon squares the impending Venus opposition Uranus, challenging us to assert our deeper and more subtle aspects of our power, and not get maneuvered out of good opportunities. The void is in Sagittarius, so stay focused on the bigger picture, get a larger vision or a broader view of the philosophical truth. The blessing is that the Sagittarius void is quintile the Mercury and Mars in Libra, so gifts and unique insights about the future can come forth, especially with the Moon trine Neptune.

The second Mutable T-square of the week occurs on September 14 with the Moon in late Gemini opposed Pluto and square the Sun in Virgo, anticipating the Sun square Pluto culminating on 8:33 pm PDT on September 16. This T-square throws energy into the void in late Pisces, showing it’s a great time to contact the universal mind or the collective unconscious, and purify our personalities so we’re living more according to our higher Truth.

During the time this powerful T-square is in effect, as well as through September 18, beware of deceptive or hypocritical thinking, don’t fumble the great and deep truths you glimpse, find self-assurance despite the outer turmoil, doubts, and skeptical grind, and use a more powerful self-discipline and deeper insights to say goodbye to the old as you prepare to move into pioneering directions in the near future.

September 15 the Moon continues in Cancer, squaring the Mercury conjunct Mars in Libra early, focusing that aspect which culminates 12:01 pm PDT. 5 Libra is a wisdom-transmission point, and the Lunar square shows some things challenging our new initiative will be wrecked, with karmic adjustments the theme of the day. Slow down, take it easy, beware of haste or impulsiveness. Open to new dimensions of being and get mobilized, since the Venus opposition Uranus also culminates at 10 pm PDT as the Moon forms a sextile and trine to the opposition, generating much positive energy in Capricorn.

Focus your genius, don’t get crabby, insecure, impatient or too high-strung, and expect unusual but very positive developments that day into Saturday thanks to a very strong supporting Moon trine Jupiter sextile Sun. This helps generate positive flow despite the Sun square Pluto culminating Saturday, assisting our shift into taking care of more important needs than those we’re leaving behind.

The Moon enters Leo at 5:15 am September 17, and the favorable aspects all day should promote creativity, communications, and rhythmic activity. It’s a good time to treat your garden for pests. September 18 we have a strong Fixed T-square, again throwing the void into Taurus, which should crystallize some things in productive ways, as the Venus sextile Jupiter culminates September 19.

All in all, it’s an unpredictable but productive week, culminating the Pluto cycle that began last December. Just take care Thursday and Friday, given the Lunar aspects and the general volatility of Mercury conjunct Mars. Great for haircuts and beauty treatments, but bad for speeding tickets, arguments, and general touchiness.