Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Twin Souls and Astrology

With her permission, I'm posting "N's" email to me about twin souls. I'm inviting comments from other astrologers.

There's also a twin soul and soul mate forum here http://p202.ezboard.com/btwinsoulsandsoulmates that I suggested "N" post to also.

From N:

Hi, I was reading your site about Twin Souls. I am sure you get so many emails regarding this but I was doing some charting on someone that I met and I honestly believe fits nearly all of the information that you have gathered for likeliness of such an astrological event. I will list the numbers/events below briefly that fit with the research and I was wondering if you knew anyone that was interesting in performing more studies/research about this idea of "twin souls". I find it fascinating and would openly answer and discuss questions of my own experience as well as email my comparison charting. I also am curious to purchase more detailed charting information which I will include after the list.

Okay, here's what matches about us from your site. (Note: This person does not know in anyway that I feel this mystical way about meeting him. I have no idea if he felt anyway like me, either. But my personal experience was highly unusual and I won't even get into that area.)

1. Common ancestry - we are either third cousins, or second cousins removed. I have to figure out "cousin math".
2. Big three (sun, moon, rising) are of same element or compatible elements - He is FWA, I am AAW. He is almost FAA. (See # 3 for explanation).
3. Moon of one is conjuct an angle of other's chart - my moon is conjunct his moon.
3. Cardinal rule: moons are in the same element or sign - his moon is only 00 degrees Pi09', which is literally, only minutes away from being an Aquarius moon, which I am.
4. Many aspects of one chart falls into the angular houses of the others - I will address this in two ways. First, our Venus, Mars, Neptune, Pluto and almost moon are in the same sign. When comparison charting, I have thirteen trine, sextiles, and conjuctions and seven squares and oppositions. He has six and eight. (I find alot of the planet patterns interesting however and I have no idea if that or this amount is considered "many".)
5. The numbers 6, 9, 15, 24, 27 seemed to be involved with their birthdays and often when they meet - I was born on the 24th, he was born on the 27th. We met through my fathers death on the 6th. And my brother, whom was there when I met him is the 15th.

I would like to know if it is possible to see if there was a personal planet progressed to the sun/moon midpoint on each natal chart. I know exactly what time, date, and place we met.

I would like to know more, if possible, on if our comparison charting is unusual at all. Like for instance all of my trines, conjuctions, or sextiles are Sun, Moon, Venus or Mercury. All of my oppositions or squares are Venus, Moon, or Sun. All of his trines, conjuctions, or sextiles are Sun, Moon, or Mercury. All of his oppositions and squares are Moon, Venus, or Sun. Is this unusual? It seems to me somehow to be interesting that all of our charting aspects are very similar. I would also like to know if it is unusual to have our Venus and Mars in the same sign? Maybe someone should study this aspect of "twin souls"? It seems interesting that we have those two signs in the same since those represent female and male. I know that a lot of people have Neptune and Pluto, so that is not so interesting to me. But also that our comparison charting seems to be heavily accentuated on only four planets. But maybe this is just how the charting is done or read?

Also, I have read on numerous other places, including writings from Linda Goodman, that twin souls tend to meet after some major tragedy in ones life. I met this person after and because of my dad's death.

Anyway, I thought I'd share in either case and see.