Friday, September 08, 2006

The Eclipses of Sept. 7 and Sept. 22, 2006

By Janet Moon

Eclipses mean changes, good and bad. Where they happen in your chart determines what part of your life they will affect. Eclipses bring significant events into our lives--marriage, divorce, death, birth, career change, etc. Solar eclipses usually mean new beginnings, and lunar eclipses represent finishing things. They are the universe's way of cleaning house, and bringing us in line with life's energy.

Even "bad" events bring us to better places. If an eclipse falls near your birthday, the following year will be eventful for you. Also, if it is near your birthday or your rising sign, watch out for health issues. Be sure to eat healthy, get enough rest, etc. Eclipses can be felt a few weeks prior to or up to 30 days past the actual event. If you would like to order a transit chart, I can give you a detailed look at how the eclipses will affect you.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 7 will also be part of an aspect between Jupiter and Uranus with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. This could easily trigger an urge to do some internal housecleaning. We may begin to reexamine our faith and spirituality, or we may find that our connection with our higher power suddenly becomes much stronger. On a more material level, we may find that we are ready to invest in a new computer or electronic device.

The Solar Eclipse on September 22 will be in Virgo at the Karmic 29 degree point. We had better be ready to wrap up the old and begin the new, because ready or not, its going to happen. It is very likely many of us will take up a new health regime. Virgo's are inclined to health and hygiene. But, Virgo also rules subordinates. If you manage people in any aspect (including parents), this will be a good time to implement some changes you have been considering. Also because we are at the last degree before Libra, relationships may come to endings, or more possibly, new beginnings. If you are single and looking for someone, this eclipse may bring that Mr., or Ms. Right your way.

The Lunar Eclipse on September 7 will be at 15 degrees Virgo and Pisces. If you have any planets at between 13 and 17 degrees in Gemini or Sagittarius, this eclipse could be especially difficult for you. The Solar Eclipse on September 22 will be at 29 degrees Virgo. If you have any planets between 28 and 29 degrees Gemini or Sagittarius, or if you have any planets between 0 and 1 degrees Cancer or Capricorn, this eclipse may cause extra stress. Also, where these eclipses land in your houses determine what areas of your life that will be affected.

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