Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Astro-Noetics September Astrology Forecast

By Astrologer Bill Streett of

Mars square Pluto - 1st—8th
Saturn opposite Neptune - All Month
Jupiter trine Uranus - All Month
Saturn trine Pluto - All Month
Grand Cross with Pluto - 14th

Not only is the astronomical designation of the solar system going through significant change, but September also marks major astrological changes as well. The abnormally long trine, (or 120 degree), aspect between Jupiter and Uranus finally ends in September. Jupiter has retrograded back and forth in early Scorpio, creating an extended trine with Uranus. Typically, such an alignment lasts for only two months, however, the Jupiter's retrograde motion has extended this trine for over a year. Correlating with the tremendous advances and excitement over new web technologies, advances in medicine, and a general enthusiasm with novelty and innovation, the archetypal correlation with the Jupiter-Uranus alignment will gradually subside over the course of the month.

In the wake of the creative and stimulating energies of the Jupiter-Uranus alignment, a deeper and heavier tone in the collective should be noticeable this month as Saturn will be aligning with two outer planets, Neptune and Pluto. If the Jupiter-Uranus combination is known for its release and celebration over creative possibilities, the Saturn-Pluto grouping is nearly its antithesis. This planetary pairing is recognized for its conservative, contractive, and intense pattern. The first major aspect of these two planets since the opposition of Saturn and Pluto at the beginning of the decade, similar themes and motifs that occurred at this time should manifest with this current alignment: national security, values of conservatism, tensions and strains in international relations. However, due to the harmonious trine aspect between these two planets, nothing as powerfully cataclysmic should correlate with this current aspect.

The gradual subsiding of the Jupiter-Uranus aspect will also allow for the Saturn-Neptune opposition to be more easily discerned. Although this particular opposition has been inflecting the zeitgeist for several months, it is currently cresting, as the two planets formed its first exact opposition in late August. As discernable as a collective mood as it is observable in outer events, the Saturn-Neptune opposition is characterized by skepticism, disenchantment, loss of idealism, and an uncomfortable ennui. This may be a time in which global values need to be reassessed and rebuilt, as the Saturn-Neptune influence can erode visions, fantasies, and dreams which no longer are congruent with the existential reality we are facing.

Finally, the greatest tension of September is likely to be mid-September, as a significant Grand Cross forms, featuring the demoted planet, Pluto. A diamond-like pattern between Pluto, the Moon, the Sun, and the Moon's nodes, this Grand Cross will likely correlate with a noticeably stressful energy pattern in world events.