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Transit of Jupiter Trine Uranus; Aug. 17 - Sept. 8, 2006

An Approach to the Avant-Garde; Jupiter Trine Uranus, August 17 through September 8, 2006

By Janet Moon. Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. Her psychic readings are the highest quality and 100% professional. She delivers honest, compassionate, intuitive, empathic, and experienced psychic counseling.

Jupiter and Uranus are slow outer planets with Jupiter taking 12 years and Uranus requiring 84 years to orbit the Sun. It takes anywhere from 4 to 9 years for these two planets to come to a trine, and their influence lasts for a number of weeks. Jupiter represents expansion, generosity, and optimism. Jupiter brings us to look at general principles and our philosophy of life. Uranus is the planet of original thought. He is the electric planet bringing sudden unexpected change. Uranus also rules science and technology, and he encourages us to walk a different path.

Jupiter and Uranus were at a trine twice over the past few months. The first time was from November 17 through December 7, 2006, then Jupiter turned retrograde and it occurred again April 23 through May 17, 2007. Now Jupiter is moving forward again, and this is the last phase of the Jupiter/Uranus trine. They won't be at this angle again until 2014.

During this transit we may find ourselves attracted to ideas and thoughts that are at odds with society's norm. We may take a new look at world (or family) politics and be ready for a change. On a larger scale, we may find our governments looking harder and in different directions for peace and prosperity. With Jupiter and Uranus presently in water signs, it may also bring about deeper emotional changes for some of us. Some of us may decide we are tired of being miserable, and we are ready to make some internal changes to find happiness now.

This aspect will begin on August 17, and it will peak on August 28. But, on September 3, Mercury and the Sun will move to sextile Jupiter and oppose Uranus (creating a right triangle in the zodiac) recharging this aspect through September 8. And, on September 7 the Moon will also enter this triangle making a conjunction to Uranus during a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. So, this aspect could carry much more weight after it's peak than normal. Uranus and Jupiter will already be encouraging us to try something different, and the eclipse will set the scenario for change. Jupiter is in transit in Scorpio, and Neptune is in Pisces, both emotional water signs, so we may find that its time for emotional healing. But, when the Sun and Mercury move to connect the aspect, they will be in the efficient sign of Virgo. That may motivate us on a more personal level to make some changes in our lives. We may be ready to examine something or a situation from a more detailed view, and we'll probably want to make some changes.

Also, I wanted to mention that Saturn and Neptune will also be beginning their opposition at this time. Even though the Saturn/Neptune aspect will not be at a major angle to the Jupiter/Uranus aspect, we will be feeling the influence of each of these at the same time. Jupiter and Uranus will be encouraging us to walk a different path, but Saturn and Neptune may be causing some extra worries and holding us back. We may find that in some areas of our life we are ready for something new, but in other areas we are cautious to change. We may feel like we are caught in a tug of war.

Jupiter will be from 11 degrees to 14 degrees in Scorpio when this aspect occurs. Uranus will be in retrograde from 13 degrees to 12 degrees in Pisces. Check your natal chart. If you have any planets from 9 degrees to 16 degrees in Leo or Aquarius, or if you have any planets from 10 to 15 degrees in Gemini or Sagittarius, this aspect may be more difficult for you.

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