Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rat Expo in Sacramento - Saturday, July 22, 2006

For some reason, people in metaphysics find rats as pets fascinating and fun. I suspect that others like me who love rats this lifetime revered rats at the sacred rat temple in India during a previous incarnation. There's even a Pagan Rats list on Yahoo groups!

I converted to rats as my favorite pet within the first day of bringing home my first pet rat in 1995. I named him Bouncer. More on that at my rat site

Rats have become such popular pocket pets, and with good reason - they are like puppies that never grow up - that the SPCA in Sacramento is putting on a Rat-stravaganza this Saturday, July 22nd.

Debbie Ducommun, the famous rat lady - researcher and author - who showed a few of her rats on the Tonight Show, will be at the festivities. She will have the latest info about mycoplasmosis, the respiratory disease that brings an early and painful death to many of our beloved pet rats.

Along with rat adoptions, the SPCA will have door prizes, a silent auction, and more - probably rat trinkets. It's all free and fun!

It's at the Sacramento County SPCA (not the Sacramento City SPCA on Front St.)
6201 Florin Perkins Rd.
Sacramento, CA.
For more info call 530-899-0605.

Hope to see you there!