Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Free Bumper Stickers from MoveOn.Org

From: "Nita Chaudhary, Political Action"
Subject: Free Bumper Stickers: Let's Keep the Momentum Going

Let's keep the momentum going! Order a free bumper sticker (one per member, no strings attached) to keep our message in front of voters all summer long.

Last week, thousands of us held more than 300 rallies at gas stations across the country to expose Republican oil-corruption in Washington. It was a huge success—lots of media coverage, and Republicans got so worried they were distributing talking points about our events.

Now it's time to take our message on the road. As summer driving season moves into high gear, we're offering FREE bumper stickers that spread our message (we'll even take care of the postage).

These stickers will make sure that when people are feeling the pinch of high gas prices, they'll know that Republicans are the problem.

You can order your sticker (or a 10- or 100-pack) in under a minute at:

The response from MoveOn members so far has been amazing. Just since Friday, we've given out close to 70,000 stickers—let's see if we can give out 200,000!

What will putting these stickers on your car do? Marketing experts call it "counterbranding"—taking a well-known name and giving it a negative association. Together, we'll remind folks everywhere that the Republican party is tied to big oil companies—and that's part of the reason that gas prices are so high and it's why we're not doing anything about global warming.

If thousands of us post them (and give some to our friends) we'll be able to keep our message in front of millions of people on the road all over the country. Can you help out by ordering a free sticker—or a 10- or 100-pack to give out to your friends and

–Nita, Matt, Natalie, Adam Green, Eli and the Whole Political Action Team
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

P.S. Last week's events made clear that Republicans have been caught "red-handed" taking millions from Big Oil and giving the industry billions in subsidies. The media coverage from the events has been great.