Saturday, June 10, 2006

First Post - A Tribute to Red Skimmer

Although this is my first post, this is for my fellow astrologers: this blog was actually "born" Sept. 7, 2005 at 1:31 am Pacific Time. A full moon in Virgo/Pisces.

It's a full moon now too, except this one is in Gemini/Sagittarius. I was born under the same full moon in 1954. Astrologers love hearing synchronicities like this. But as an astrologer myself, this synchronicity was kinda planned, albeit at the last minute. Does a synchronicity count if you make it happen? I always think of them as unexpected coincidences.

For as little desire as I have to put more ramblings and musings out there in the world, instead of spending time saving it, I do have lots of questions to ask about things, mostly weird things that people don't think about much or really need to care about probably.

Since the six months ago when I officially named my blog, I didn't do anything with it. But questions for the blog kept coming to mind. I kept thinking, "I hope I remember this question for the blog" but I might not really ever put my thoughts to blog.

But most of my questions that pop up when I least expect it, are gone with the wind, only to rise to consciousness again when I'm in a similar situation.

So here I am, feeling coincidentally compelled by the full moon to contribute some words of wisdom, say something, ... or at least ask something, which as a Gemini, I'm far better at doing. All the answers are to be found somewhere in the universes; and I'd like more of them.

Thus, the synchronity/coincidence question above. It's not something I have time to dwell on right now, but I'd like more info about it without having to re-read my old Robert Anton Wilson books and sift through Jung's works on the subject.

On to a question I've had for a few weeks. And it's on my mind daily because I'm exposed to it daily and I haven't found much on my web searches. I have what's called a Red Skimmer hovering over my pond and occasionally dive bombing me and others. As you can see, he's a beautiful crimson red.

After days of dodging this exhuberant and territorial character, I'd like to know more about what makes this guy tick. About two weeks after I painstakingly built a new 1000 gallon pond in my backyard and filled it with water, Red Skimmer shows up out of nowhere to run me off.

At first I thought he was in cahoots with the Hornet, but Red Skimmer showed him the back door too, as well as a Carpenter Bee, other Dragonflies, an innocent butterfly, my three peanut-hoarding Scrub Jays, and my cat Bobby.

For as pretty as Red Skimmer is, his "before" stage is something you'd think was made up for a Spielberg movie. See the second photo

I'd like to know more about this insect that responds to my voice. When I tell him how pretty he is, he won't dive bomb me. Just coincidence? He cocks his head, or maybe it's his eyes - but he seems to listen. But he quickly forgets our friendship the next day. So, I've learned to be quick with the compliments when I head to the pond.

Red Skimmer leaves the pond in late afternoon, but where does he go? And I have never seen him actually land on the water, but the larvae have lived deep in the muck of my old pond. That's when I thought it was an alien transplant and tried to save it when I shut down that old pond.

My first post now ends with Red Skimmer gone for the night. I might be on to another subject next time. An astrology question is surfacing to be posted.

Welcome to my new blog and my new insect!