Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gemini Cat Speed Reading Beginning Astrology Book

I saw this on Facebook and provided an appropriate caption that would fit the theme of this blog.

Gemini Cat Speed Reading Beginning Astrology Book

That slow reader looks like a Capricorn (not that Capricorns are in any way slow) who might have a Saturn/Mercury aspect or Saturn in the 3rd house.

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Articles at AstroStar.com

Here's what's New as of August 25, 2014

The New Moon is today. Check out the two New Moon in Virgo articles about how to best use this strong energy.

  • How to Make the Most of the New Moon in Virgo - by Elissa Heyman
  • New Moon in Virgo - Aug. 25th, 2014 by Barbara Goldsmith.
  • Vaastu - the Five Elements - by B.K. Vijay.
  • Famous Virgos
  • Tarot Divination - History, Layouts, Differences in Decks
  • The Astrology of Robin Williams' Death - by Barbara Goldsmith
  • Four Planets in Scorpio - August 2014 - by Philip Sedgwick
  • Lucky Horoscopes for August 2014 - by Tara Pierce
  • The #1 Dating Turn Off for Men - by Marni Battista
  • Astrology Forecast for August 2014 - by Janet Moon.
  • August Birthstone - Peridot.

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